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Dallas Williams
I'm 23 years old.
I'm a video game and Anime fan.

Favourite Animes:
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Favoruite Duels: Joey vs Orichalcos Rex, Joey vs Bandit Keith, Joey vs Bonz, Seto vs Lector, Vs Paradox bros, Yugi vs Pegasus, Yugi vs Seeker, Yugi vs Arcana , Yugi vs Strings, Kaiba vs Nesbit, Bakura vs Bonz, I also like GX, 5D's and Zexal (Most notably: Yuma Vs Fortuno, Bronk Vs Dark Mist and Yuma and Girag Vs Tori and Cathy)
Pairings: YugixTea

Digimon (Favourite Digimon Diaboromon, Duskmon, SkullGreymon, Machinedramon, BlackWarGreymon, Puppetmon, Apocalymon, Mummymon, Myotismon, Devimon, Millenniummon, Impmon, Beelzemon, Calumon, IceDevimon, Mercurymon, Shoutmon and many others)
Pairings: TaixSora

Bleach (Favourite Moments Ichigo vs Shrieker, Hollow Ichigo vs Byukuya and Pesche moments)

Naruto (Favourite moments Kankuro vs Tsuruki, Curse seal Sasuke breaking Zaku's arms, Naruto four tails mode vs Orochimaru and Sasuke Vs Deidara)

Favourite TV shows: Simpsons, Futurama, American dad, Spliced, Hogan's heros, Fraiser, Blackadder, Happy Tree Friends, Thank God You're Here, Family guy, M.A.S.H, Get smart, That 70's show, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Just shoot me, Total Drama, Drawn together, Big Bang Theory, Scrubs, Robot Chicken, My Name Is Earl, League Of Super Evil, Metalocalypse, Almost naked animals and so many more

Favourite game characters: Crash Bandicoot, Dingodile, Tiny, N.Gin, Cortex, Spyro, Toasty, Dr. Shemp, Wario, Waluigi, Dry bones, Croc, Baron Dante, Rayman, Razorbeard, Foutch, Ratchet, Clank, Ike, Black Knight, Ranulf, Sothe, Nemesis, Wesker, Leon, Mendez, Verdugo, Samus, Ridley, Jak, Daxter, Sig, Basch, Vaan, gilgamesh, Belias, Zeromus, Cuchulainn, Zelera, Zodiark and so many more

Favourite game musics: Crash 2: N.Gin, Cortex, Sewers, Tiny
Crash 3: Future death route, Dingodile, N.Tropy, N.Gin, Cortex
Croc: Baron Dante boss, Neptuna, Mine kart, Cactus Jack
Metroid: Ridley, Hive Mecha, Gandrayda, Bryyo, Berserker lord
CapsuleMonsters: Tomb Of Ancient Kings, Corridors Of Madness, City Of Redemption, Treasure Trove
Rayman: Vs Mr Skops, Vs Axel/Foutch, Vs Razorbeard
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake eater theme, the Fury, vs Shagohod
FFXII: Epser boss, Esper summoned, Vs Dr. Sid, Vs Gilgamesh
YuGiOh: Nesbit theme, Lector theme, Red Eyes Black Dragon theme, Toon World theme
Ratchet: Daxx Weapons Facility, HoloStar Studios, Courtny Gears Song

And Many More, so many memories.

Current Residence: Australia
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ?
Print preference: ?
Favourite genre of music: Video Game (I know that's weird but I don't care)
Favourite style of art: Manga + anime, My own
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Spikey blue ones (MK Wii)
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto,Kankuro,Naruko,Dosu,Tobi,Rex,Weevil,Bandit Keith,Duke,Paradox bros,Ichigo,Renji,Hollow Ichigo
I'm planning on doing a Digimon Fusion: The Hypno Zapper and a Zenoblade: The Hypno Zapper. 

Pairings: ShoutmonxLunamon (Possibly Lillymon, who was glad to know Shoutmon when they were friends at the start but her feelings grew stronger for him over time)

Mikey: Angie (Knowing Mikey for so long and him saving her can win a girl's heart) Nene (Mikey saved her from the darkness of Lucemon, helped her smile again and saved her brother) Beastmon (Very affectionate around him and likely wants to mate with him) And Mikzuki

Yuu: Mami Takahsi, Haruka Hazuki, Midori Miike (As the three of them practically worship him) and Airu Suzaki (Even though she doesn't show it, it's obvious she likes him, from how she hugged him when she was afraid of the ghost and wanted to make him her subordinate, another way to say she wanted him all to herself)

But are there any females who could be paired with Tagiru or Gumdramon?

And with Xenoblade, (ShulkxFioraxMelia ReynxSharla)
However, I'm inside the Bionos Chest with all the antibody enemies, after Shulk came back to life and defeated Dickson's Telethia army, so if anyone could tell me what important things happen next, then the sooner Xenoblade: The Hypno Zapper can come up.

Thanks to everyone. :)
  • Listening to: Xenoblade Chronicles: One Who Gets in Our Way
  • Reading: Naruto X: Chaos and Legacies
  • Playing: Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Eating: Bananas
  • Drinking: A cup of tea, with chocolate Sustagen mixed in it

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Greatly appreciate you :+fav:ing my three stories :).  
You're welcome, cause you deserve it. :)
I looked at your stories on FanFiction and was curious about your Pokémon: The Azure Stone story that (in my opinion) doesn't seem to have been finished. I was wondering if you had plans to finish the story in a similar way to your 'Digimon Virus' story? I'm eager to find out what happens next...
Fury and I are working on it.
J4RRE77 Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
"Uka Uku, how many times must you be told? You cannot defeat me."
I have heard enough of your shallow wisdom. It is I who is the strongest and it is evil that will ultimatly prevail!
J4RRE77 Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This bickering can go on no longer. We must resolve this once and for all time!
For once, feeble brother, I agree with you. We shall settle this argument. Prepare to fight!
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Hey dude you remember the request I suggested? What do you think? I will respect your desicion
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