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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
A continuation of :iconboredasanythingside:'s story and continuation of my Ash Raichu pic, which I give credit to :iconrosvo: for doing the May in a Lopunny suit and letting me make the sequal.

Warning: There's a Lemon involving two Pokemon in this story.
Two weeks had passed since May had traveled to the Sinnoh Region, leaving no trace behind her as to where she had gone, which had gotten May's mother and her friends worried, particularly a familiar black haired teenager with 'z' shaped marks on his cheeks, Ash Ketchem, who stepped forward and volunteered to search for her, alongside with his ever loyal Pikachu.

After visiting the last Town May had last been seen in, Ash and Pikachu had heard stories of a girl that fit May's description going into the woods nearby, but that was several days ago.

Still, it was the only lead they had, in which Ash took off, as Pikachu rode upon his Trainer's left shoulder, unsure or aware of what was to be expected.


Within a cave hidden in the forest was May, adorned in her Lopunny suit, minus the head, as her four Buneary children were playing around with each other.

"Mummy, can we go outside and play?" One of the Bunearys asked May.

In reply, May smiled in reply and told Ashley, naming her children to give them a sense of identity. "Alright, Ashley. Just make sure to look out for your brother and sisters and stay away from the area full of humans."

"Yes, mummy." Ashley replied, learning from her mother that humans were nothing but trouble, before she, alongside her brother, Max, and two sisters, Misty and Dawn, in which May didn't know where she came up with those names, but she liked them, as did her children.

----With the Buneary children, sometime later----

After traversing through the forest, Ashley, Max, Misty and Dawn had arrived to a nice clearing, where they decided to play hide and seek, with Max being the one to find his sisters.

However, the game was stopped when Max soon called out. “Guys, look what I found.”

In response his sisters didn’t respond, not wanting to give away their hiding spots, thinking he was trying to trick them.

“C’mon. This is no joke. What I found will amaze you.” Max called out, hoping that would get his sisters to come out.

And it worked.

Following their brother’s voice, Ashley, Misty and Dawn came across Max and were left in awe as to what he had found.

It was another sentient suit lying on the ground with no head; only this one looked like a Raichu and its design was based for a male.

“It looks like mummy’s.” Dawn pointed out, remembering the night they had found the Lopunny suit and gotten May as their new mother.

“What should we do with it?” Max asked in a curious tone.

After thinking for a moment, Ashley got an idea and announced. “Let’s use this to get a daddy!”

“Ashley, what are you thinking?” Misty questioned, before she said. “We promised mummy we’d stay away from the humans. Remember, she said that they are dangerous?”

“I know. But there have been times I’ve snuck close enough to see the humans and I bet one of them would be a great daddy for us and a mate for mummy.” Ashley replied, as she was the type to not listen and go with her gut, most likely the reason she was named Ashley.

While Ashley did have some good points, seeing their mother alone and not having a male to call their father, the four were interrupted when their ears perked up at the sound of footsteps approaching.

“Human!” Max called out in worry, before he and Ashley grabbed the Raichu suit and hid behind some nearby bushes, hoping they were safe as they could hear the footsteps become louder and louder with each step.

The little hearts of the Buneary children continued beating rapidly, especially when the footsteps stopped, making them wonder and worry what the human was up to.

But before they knew it, they heard the human say. ‘Hey, what is it?’, followed by a Pikachu poking through the bushes, in which the human followed and stared down upon them, scaring them as to what could happen next.

----Around the same time with May----

May was using all the agility she could as she raced through the forest, searching for her children.

It was nearly noon and he children would always arrive back at their den for lunch, but her motherly instincts were saying to her something had happened to her children, causing her overprotective side to take over as she continued to traverse through the forest.

But after landing on a tree nearby the clearing where her children had been playing, May was surprised to see a young human male, sitting on the ground, rummaging through his backpack, as a Pikachu, guessing he belonged to the teen, was playing with her children.

“Come and get it!” Ash then called out, pulling a plastic packet of Lava Cookies out of his back pack, before taking one out of the plastic, breaking it into pieces and offered a piece to the Buneary’s.

Not wanting to be rude from his generosity and friendly attitude, Ashley slowly approached Ash, took the cookie piece and nibbled on it, only for her eyes to widen and immediately munch down upon the treat, followed by Max, Misty and Dawn, who to enjoyed the taste of the Lava Cookie.

As the four Buneary ate, Ash pulled out another Lava Cookie and broke it in half, before giving half of it to Pikachu, in which he and Pikachu began eating.

But the pair stopped as the snack giving to the four Bunearys had given them a boost in energy and they wanted to play some more, in which Ashley jumped up and took Ash’s hat, causing Pikachu to stop eating and try to retrieve it for his best friend.

But it wasn’t easy for the Electric-type Pokémon, as he managed to catch up to the Buneary with Ash’s hat, only for it to throw it to one of the others, before that cycle continued as it soon turned into a game of keep away.

Ash smiled at their playful antics as Pikachu was in the centre of the four Bunearys, trying to get Ash’s hat back.

And after one of the Buneary tried to throw Ash’s hat to the other’s, Pikachu jumped and managed to catch it in his mouth, in which the Yellow Mouse Pokémon then climbed up onto his right shoulder and placed the hat back on Ash’s head.

“Thanks.” Ash said, which caused Pikachu to reply in his usual repetition of parts of his name, guessing it was Pikachu saying ‘You’re welcome’, before he and Pikachu were then playfully tackled by the four Buneary, knocking him onto his back and causing him, Pikachu and the Bunearys to Laugh out as they continued to play around, which made May smile, not only from seeing her children happy, but from the fact a human was playing with them and had no intentions of harming them.

Plus the reason she found Ash quite attractive, but she didn’t know why.

“Nice Pokémon, kid.” A deep and sinister male voice then commented, causing Ash to quickly get to his feet and turn around to see a man with dark brown spiky hair, dark red eyes and a black ensemble that included a high-tech looking gauntlet covered in six cybernetic spheres on his left arm.

And, standing by his side was a snarling Mightyena.

Seeing the unknown individual and his frightening Pokémon scared the Buneary children as they hid behind Ash, before the black haired teen questioned. “Who are you?”

“You can call me Hunter.”  The man now known as Hunter replied, before he said. “And you have something my employers want back.”

Hearing Hunter’s reason for his arrival caused Ash to ask in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb, kid.” Hunter replied in a somewhat annoyed tone, before pulling out what looked like the head of a Raichu suit, pointed towards Ash’s direction and said. “I’ve been tracking the scent of this thing for quite some time now and I won’t have some brat get in the way. Now hand over the sentient suit and those Buneary while you’re at it.”

“First off, I still don’t know what you’re talking about. And second, Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Ash called out, in which Pikachu’s cheeks began to charge with electricity and then he unleashed a powerful Thunderbolt attack directly at Mightyena, who howled out in pain from the onslaught of volts circulating through his body.

And then, Mightyena’s howls were silenced, as the Dark Pokémon was unable to take anymore and collapsed onto its stomach and into unconsciousness.

“Mightyena, return.” Hunter called out, holding out his left arm, before Mightyena was enveloped in a red beam of light and was sucked inside into one of the gauntlet’s spheres.

“That’s some Pikachu you got there, kid.” Hunter commented in an impressed tone as a sphere of red energy formed in the gauntlet, before Hunter unleashed the energy and another Pokémon emerged before him. “Maybe I’ll get a bonus payment for bringing in such a powerful Pokémon.”

As the red energy wore off, the Trash Heap Pokémon, Garbodor, stood before Hunter, who let out a fearsome battle cry, ready to strike down his enemies.

“Think again! Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Ash called out, determined not to let Hunter or whoever he was working for get their hands on Pikachu or the Buneary.

“Pikachuuu!” Pikachu exclaimed as his cheeks began to charge with electricity, before he unleashed his attack, striking Garbodor, however, Hunter didn’t seem fazed or concerned for his Pokémon.

After Pikachu had finished his attack and landed, Hunter commanded. “Alright, now it’s our turn. Garbodor, show him what a real Thunderbolt looks like!”

In reply, Garbodor nodded, before the two clumps on his head began to glow before electricity shot from both nubs and hit Pikachu, causing the Yellow Mouse to cry out in pain.

“Pikachu!” Ash yelled out in concern as he watched the electricity circulate painfully around Pikachu, but was relieved as Pikachu managed to stay on his feet.

“Impressive.” Hunter stated, before he asked. “Tell me, kid, what’s your name.”

“Ash.” Ash replied simply.

“Well, Ash, I can see you have potential as a true Pokémon Trainer and I can help.” Hunter told Ash.

Hearing this caused Ash to question. “What do you mean?”

“My employers hired me to retrieve their sentient suit and have promised me a very handsome bounty, plus extra for every Pokémon I capture along the way. I can give you enough cash to start your own Gym, maybe even you own Elite Four. All you have to do is step back from those Buneary and let me do my job. I’ll even let you keep your Pikachu. So what is your answer, Ash?” Hunter asked, which shocked May as she could guess what Ash’s answer would be.

“You can forget it. I would never sell out innocent Pokémon for money!” Ash stated in reply, which amazed May, as she thought all humans were nothing more than heartless and greedy creatures that could never be trusted, but Ash had proved her views on humans backwards.

“Fine, have it your way.” Hunter said, a little annoyed by Ash’s determination, before he asked. “Garbodor, ready to cause some more damage?”

“Garbodor!” Garbodor replied in a mixture of loyalty and aggression.

“What about you, Pikachu? Can you still fight” Ash asked, in which Pikachu readied himself to continue fighting and replied in loyalty and respect for his Trainer. “Pikachu!”

“Alright then. Pikachu use Iron Tail!” Ash called out.

Pikachu did as Ash had ordered, his tail was encircled in silver energy and turned as hard as iron as the Electric-type Pokémon charged at Garbodor, wondering how Hunter would counter attack.

But instead, Hunter smirked and said simply. “Garbodor, take the hit.”

Obeying Hunter, Garbodor was stuck by Pikachu’s tail, knocked back from the strike, which confused Ash and Pikachu as to what Hunter was planning.

“Pikachu, use Iron Tail again!” Ash called out, and the same result happened, leaving Garbodor breathing heavily as the Trash Heap Pokémon lowered his head, it looked like one more strike and he was out.

“Pikachu, finish Garbodor with one final Iron Tail!” Ash exclaimed, in which Pikachu, his tail glowing silver, jumped at Garbodor and prepared to strike him down.

However, Hunter suddenly called out. “Now!”

In response, Garbodor’s head shot up, showing he was smirking just as slyly as Hunter, before he held up his right arm, in which Ash was shocked when Pikachu’s tail got lodged into Garbodor’s arm.

“What the...!?” Ash questioned in shock, confused as to what was going on.

“What’s going on is you made my Garbodor stronger thanks to your little attacks.” Hunter replied in an amused tone.

“What!?” Ash asked, still shocked and confused.

“My Garbodor has an Ability known as Weak Armour. Every time Garbodor is stuck by an attack, his body mass becomes more unstable and allows him to absorb anything that he touches.” Hunter explained, which caused Ash to groan in frustration as he had fallen right into Hunter’s trap.

And Pikachu was going to pay for it.

“Sludge Bomb!” Hunter commanded, in which Garbodor threw Pikachu out of his arm, only to then fire a brown ball of sludge right at Pikachu, who cried out as the ball exploded and the Yellow Mouse Pokémon was slammed against a tree.

“Pikachu!” Ash yelled out in pure concern for his Pokémon partner as Pikachu remained on the ground, and Ash couldn’t leave as the Buneary were still behind their protector.

“You put up a good fight, Ash. But I’m afraid the game is over.” Hunter told Ash, before he said. “Last chance. Take your Pikachu and leave.”

“Never!” Ash replied in a mixture of determination to protect the Bunearys and his usual stubbornness.

“Have it your way.” Hunter said simply, before commanding. “Garbodor, Poison Jab him!”

Thanks to his Weak Armour Ability, Garbodor shot at Ash at an incredible speed as his right hand began to glow purple.

And before Ash could do anything, he was left breathless as Garbodor jabbed Ash in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him as he gasped for air.

As Garbodor removed his hand away, Ash was unable to stand, as the combination of the punch and Garbodor’s poison had taken a toll on his body, in which Ash collapsed onto his stomach and passed out.

“Ash!” All four Bunearys called out, but to Hunter it just sounded like them crying their names out.

“Good work, Garbodor.” Hunter complimented his Pokémon, walking up to the Trash Heap Pokémon, before saying. “I bet we’ll be paid triple if we bring that brat back with us.”

“He may’ve been a pain but he’s got spirit and my employers are always looking for Pokémon and test subjects. I just wonder if he’ll survive.” Hunter then said in a wicked tone as he approached the Buneary, ready to cease and capture them.

Ashley, Max, Misty and Dawn were more scared then they had ever been, not only for themselves but also for Ash and Pikachu, who were still on the ground and badly hurt.

But it was then a light blue ball of energy shot from the skies, narrowly avoiding Hunter, in which he looked up to see May in her Lopunny suit, with a burning determination in her eyes.

“Mummy!” All four Bunearys called out.

“Interesting. Another victim of the sentient suit problem.” Hunter said, before he commanded. “No matter, just means more cash. Garbodor, strike her down with a Poison Jab.”

However, Garbodor didn’t move.

Hunter was confused by this, until he looked down and saw Garbodor’s feet were frozen to the ground, making him let out a groan of annoyance, seeing that the Lopunny girl managed to strike his Pokémon.

And before Hunter could react, the Lopunny girl created a massive sphere of light blue icy energy in front of her mouth and then fired the energy from her mouth, striking Hunter and Garbodor head on.

And when May was finished, both Hunter and Garbodor were frozen in place; it would be long before either would thaw out, more than enough time to pick up each of her children and carry them home individually.

However, May suddenly heard Ashley call out. “Mummy help!”

May quickly jumped down to her children and asked in a worried tone. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

“I’m fine.” Ashley replied, before she said. “But Ash and Pikachu need help.”

“Please, mummy, we have to help them. I know you said humans were bad, but Ash and Pikachu are our friends and we can’t leave them after they protected us.” Misty told May as tears trailed down her face.

Looking down upon her children and the young man that risked his life to protect them, she reassured their worries as she walked over to Ash’s backpack knelt down and began to feel around inside it, searching for some items that may help heal Ash and Pikachu’s injuries.

And then, from the backpack May pulled out a Potion, handing it to Dawn.

“Spray this on Pikachu.” May instructed, before she explained. “It should be enough to help him recover.”

“Yes mummy.” Dawn replied, before she rushed over to Pikachu’s unconscious form and gently sprayed him with the Potion, healing his injuries.

“But Mummy what about Ash?” Ashley asked in concern for their new friend.

May headed back to Ash and looked down to see his chest heaving as he was sweating profusely, knowing the poison from Garbodor’s jab attack was spreading through his body.

But May only smiled as fortunately she had found a Pecha Berry in Ash’s backpack too, in which May said. “Don’t worry, Ash should be alright. This Pecha Berry should cure Ash of the poison in his body.”

May could see that in his condition, Ash wouldn’t be able to eat the Pecha Berry full, so, to avoid choking him, May put the Berry in her mouth and started chewing, before she pressed her mouth against Ash’s and allowed the chewed up Berries to easily pour down his throat, she blushed a little felling his lips on hers’ and the strange warm sensation that came with it.

After May removed her mouth, she looked to see Ash was sweating less and his breathing had become less rapid, however...

“Mummy, Ash is still sick. Why?” Dawn, who had made her way back to her brother and sisters, asked in concern.

“Garbodor’s poison has spread through his system faster than I thought.” May told her children in reply, before explaining. “He needs more Pecha Berries to stop the poison and allow the antidote to cure him.”

“Right now he and Pikachu are in no condition to be left alone.” May said as she picked up Ash, blushing a little from the position of having him on her back, before she told the Bunearys. “We’ll take them home so they can heal.”

“Dawn, think you can carry Pikachu?” May asked.

“I’ll do my best.” Dawn replied, before placing Pikachu on her back, like her mother, before May said. “Now lets go.”

“Alright mummy.” Her children all replied as they headed off, however, Ashley stopped when she heard a voice call out. “Wait!”

In response Ashley turned to the direction of the voice, revealing it to be the Raichu suit, in which she walked up to it and asked. “What is it?”

“I can help that human get better.” The Raichu suit replied.

“How?” Ashley asked, in which the Raichu suit told Ashley. “If you allow me to become one with him like your mother did, then I can not only make him stronger than before, but I can also give you a father.”

“A daddy?” Ashley asked curiously.

“That’s right. Please do this, everyone will be happier for it. I promise. ” The Raichu suit told Ashley, in which Ashley thought about it, a father to look after and protect her and her siblings, a companion and mate for her mother and a better life for Ash.

Ashley had made her decision.

Quickly, Ashley grabbed Ash’s backpack, stuffed the Raichu suit inside and rushed through the forest to catch up with her family, all unaware of Ashley’s absence or secret agendas.

----Sometime later----

Ash and Pikachu were lying on their backs, still unconscious, while May and her children looked over them in worry.

“Will they be ok, mummy?” Misty asked, breaking the silence.

“Don’t worry, honey, I promise you they’ll be fine.” My reassured her daughter, before getting up and saying. “Pikachu should wake up soon, but Ash still needs more Berries to fully recover. That’s why I need you all to stay here and look after them while I search for any Berries that will help with Ash’s recovery.”

“Alight mummy.” All four Bunearys replied in unison, before Ashley added. “We’ll do our best.”

May smiled at her children for a moment, before she turned away and rushed out of their home, leaving Ashley, Max, Misty and Dawn alone with Ash and Pikachu’s unconscious forms.

“We have to help Ash. It hurts to see him like this.” Dawn said, knowing her siblings felt the same way.

“I know a way to help.” Ashley replied, getting the attention of her sisters and brothers, in which they watched as Ashley quickly left their den, only to come back with Ash’s backpack, before she pulled out the Raichu suit.

“It’s that thing we found before we met Ash and Pikachu.” Max pointed out.

“That’s right. It says that if we bond it with Ash, it can fix him up and make him our new daddy.” Ashley explained, which surprised Max, Misty and Dawn.

“Think about it, Ash would make a great daddy. He’s fun to be with, he’s brave and strong.” Ashley told her sibling, trying her best to sell them on the idea.

“I dunno.” Max said, which caused Ashley to reply. “But think about Ash too. This will make him happier than when he was a human like mummy. And mummy will be happy too, I just know it.”

Max, Misty and Dawn looked at each other, before they looked at Ashley, who waited for their decision, and then told her. “Alright. Let’s make Ash our new daddy.”

“Hooray!” Ashley cheered out in joy, before they got to work by undressing Ash, removing all of his clothing until he was just in a pair of green coloured boxers, in which Ashley and Dawn grabbed onto the sides and pulled them off, looking away as Ash was left completely naked.

With that done, Max lifted him up, while Misty placed the sentient suit under his body, before they watched as the suit enveloped him.

With the suit now on his body, it began to reprogram Ash’s mind, erasing his memories as a human and submerging within Ash’s subconscious, telling Ash he was not a human, instead, he was a Raichu with a Buneary family and loving Lopunny mate.

“Thank you, children.” The Raichu suit said, before saying “But there is one last thing that must be one.”

The Raichu suit then placed its tail then onto Pikachu’s forehead, causing Pikachu to groan softly as it was altering Pikachu’s memories too.

After a moment, the tail on Pikachu’s head pulled away as Ash sat up, letting out a small groan as he held his head and opened his eyes.

“Ugh, my head. What happened?” Ash questioned.

“Are you alright?” Ash heard a small voice ask him, in which he turned to see the four Bunearys looking at him, causing him to smile and reply. “I’m fine now kids.”

“Daddy!” Ashley, Max, Misty and Dawn all called out happily before hugging their new father, who hugged them back, making them nuzzle into him from the loving embrace.

Meanwhile, as Ash was hugging his children, Pikachu had woken up and smiled to see his ‘brother’ with his children, happy to see they were all safe after being attacked by some Pokemon and a human, which was somewhat difficult to remember as his head felt kinda funny.

But Ash stopped hugging his children when May entered the den, holding a handful of Chesto, Pecha and Oran Berries, in which she dropped them, surprised to see Ash in his new form, but felt highly attracted to him as she stared into his eyes while he stared into hers’.

As the pair approached each other, Ash asked. “Pikachu, do you think you can watch over our kids while I spend some private time with my mate?”

“No problem.” Pikachu replied, knowing what Ash meant by ‘private time’ as he lead the four Bunearys outside to play.

With Pikachu and their children gone neither of them were able to hold back their urges, in which Ash and May kissed each other deeply, before Ash positioned May to the ground and climbed on top of her, as his dominant male role took over, while she felt herself slip into the position of the submissive female.

----Upcoming Lemon----

The pair stared lustfully into each other’s eyes, knowing that they desired the other and craved their touch, Ash then moved his head down and began kissing around May's neck, causing soft moans to escape from her lips.

Ash then kissed down May’s chest, to her breasts, which exposed as her suit opened up, causing Ash’s arousal to heighten at the sight of her breasts, making her smile, knowing her mate was pleased with her body, before he started licking and sucking on her left nipple as he placed his left hand on her right breast and began to massage and fondle it, causing May to moan out in pleasure.

As May continued to moan out from her mate’s actions, Ash’s tail lowered downwards to her pussy, which was quite wet with her sexual fluids, before he snaked his tail into her womanhood, heightening her pleasure, and thanks to her sentient suit, it cut off the pain receptors in her brain so she felt no pain from Ash’s tail breaking her hymen.

Ash continued to provide his mate with as much pleasure as he could, however, after some time had passed May was unable to contain herself and cried out in pleasure as she came, releasing her sexual fluids all over Ash’s tail.

Ash moved away from May’s breasts and looked at her beautiful face, in which she smiled at her mate from the pleasure she had gotten from him, before she repositioned herself and Ash, so she was on top of him, deciding it was time to please her mate before May kissed her way down his chest, until the she had reached Ash's manhood, which had emerged from its protective sheath, causing May to blush at the sight, and size, of it.

But not wanting to displease her mate, May began to gently trace her tongue around the tip of Ash's member, causing him to groan out as pre-cum started to drip from the tip of his dick, which May licked clean, before she took all of her mate’s cock into her mouth and started to suck him off, causing Ash to groan out louder from May’s a loving blowjob.

Sometime later, just like May, Ash was overindulged in and came, releasing his load into May’s mouth, which surprised her at how much he came.

After May had removed her mate’s dick from her mouth she looked to see a pleased smile on his handsome face, making her smile back, happy she had pleasured him as well as he had pleasured her, before it was then Ash grabbed onto her hips and flipped them over, so he was on top of May again, the tip of his manhood gently rubbing against her threshold.

And then Ash lowered himself and inserted his cock into May's vagina, causing both of them to moan out loudly in pleasure, Ash from the tightness of May’s pussy, and May from how deep Ash’s manhood went inside her.

Ash began to thrust his cock in and out of May's vagina, starting slow in their mating, but soon quickly picked up the pace, going at a faster and harder pace, causing May's moans to turn into cries and screams of pleasure.

As Ash and May continued to mate, Ash then slowed down for a moment and turned his mate around until she was on all fours and started to thrust his cock inside of her again, causing their moaning to become even louder than before.

The den filled with the sounds of their mating for two hours as Ash and May continued to mate, but soon, Ash could feel May's vagina walls clamping down even harder on his cock, telling him that she was close to her climax, though she wasn't the only one as Ash could fell that he was going to cum soon.

Ash and May continued to mate for as long as they could, their bodies covered in sweat as they moved around frantically, before May was unable to contain herself any longer and let out a loud scream of pure pleasure as she came, releasing her cum all over Ash's member, which caused Ash to groan out as he came, filling May's womb with his seed, though fortunately the sentient suits had great control over their host's bodies, so there was no chance of him accidently impregnating her.

Ash then removed his manhood from May's pussy, before he rolled over to her left side and rested on his back, trying to catch his breath, before May then snuggled up to his chest and nuzzled her cheek against his in a show of love and affection, which he gladly returned.

----End Lemon----

And with that, the life of Ash as a human ended and the life as a Raichu bloomed.

The End.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
This is a Co-story with one of my friends.
Warning: This story involves a Lemon between Guilmon and Renamon. (So skip or don't read this if need be.)
Many years had passed since the D-Reaper's defeat and, during the 3 years, the Digimon had changed, they all began to grow human features on their own and started to wear clothing as well as to avoid embarrassment or indecent exposure incidents in public.

Currently, an 18 year old Rika and her partner, Renamon, received an order about a check-up appointment.

After reading it several times, they decided to check it out.

Rika still wore the clothes she wore in her Tamers years, while Renamon was wearing a button shirt, which she tied, the bottom near the top so people could see her belly button and a small mini skirt.

"Rika, are you sure this is a good idea? What if it was some kind of trap?" Renamon asked as the two walked down the street.

"I don't like it neither Renamon." Rika replied, before she explained. “But it does sound very important."

After a fair amount of walking, the pair soon arrived outside the entrance, which seemed a little off place.

"Do you have the feeling we'd be led here like lambs to a butcher's shop?" Rika asked, starting to have second thoughts about this.

In reply, Renamon shrugged and knocked on the door.

It opened slowly.

"Erm, excuse me." Renamon said through the crack of the door, before the foxy Digimon explained. "We're here for our 'appointment'. But we don't really recal..."

But before she could finish, robotic hands suddenly grabbed Renamon and Rika's shirts and pulled them inside, slamming the door behind them.

Pushed towards a dark room only one giant light shone down on them, Rika and Renamon looked around and were shocked to see they were surrounded by many Datamons, looking down on them.

"Datamons!?" Rika gasped as she prepared to fight, but then she remembered that she didnít have her d-Power on her, causing her to use her words and demand. "What is going on here, tin heads?"

"Congratulations, human. You and your Digimon partner shall be our guinea pigs on our latest expirements." One of the Datamon replied.

"What do you mean?" Renamon replied, before she tried to fight back but then realised that the Datamon had chained her to the floor.

"To study human and Digimon mating habits." Datamon replied, before turning to his colleges and commanded. "Get the collars!"

Rika, who was also bound to the ground by chains, watched hopelessly as two Datamons placed some weird looking high-tech collar around Renamon's neck, before they approached her and fastened one around hers'.

"Let us go!" Rika demanded.

"We won't be your lab rats!" Renamon added.

"I disagree. Activating the brainwashing collars!" The lead Datamon announced as he pressed a large red button on a remote grasped in his right hand.

Rika and Renamon tried to break free but the collars started to glow, causing Rika and Renamon's eyes to change from their normal ones to some sort of pink with yellow spirals, as they could feel their minds slipping away from them.

Seeing Rika and Renamon no longer resisting, the Datamon unchained them, in which Rika and Renamon just sat on their knees.

"Now, are you two under our control?" Datamon asked.

"Yes, my lord..." Rika and Renamon said in union.

"Good. Now, take in turns in undressing each other." Datamon ordered them.

Rika and Renamon nodded obediently, before the vixen Digimon moved over to Rika and tore off her Tamer's shirt and bra with her canines, revealing Rika's C-cup sized breasts and beautiful nipples, before Renamon then used her teeth again to rip off Rika's pants and underwear, leaving her Tamer completely naked.

With Rika naked, it was Renamon's turn.

Rika then relieved Renamon of her shirt and bra, revealing Renamon's breasts, which were much larger than Rika's, being roughly an F-cup size.

As Renamon slipped off her gloves, Rika then removed Renamon's skirt and panties, exposing her vagina and her luscious round butt, which, like her breasts, was bigger than Rika's.

Both girls then stood before Datamon again, revealing in their naked glory, which would normally arouse most humans and/or Digimon, but the Datamon were only interested in their knowledge, added to the fact they were machine types and couldn't see the reason for sex and reproduction.

But that didn’t mean they couldn’t have some fun with their new mindless sex slaves, in which Datamon then said "Now... dance!”

Rika and Renamon did as commanded, as they then began to slowly belly dance in a sexual way, shaking their bellies at first, before swaying their hips as their breasts sways left and right, before Rika and Renamon then spun around and waggled their bottoms.

As they continued to dance, the Datamon ordered. "Human. Remove that hair binder."

Rika obeyed and undid her ponytail hair, letting her hair flow loose as they continued their erotic dancing.

After some time obseving, Datamon called out. "Renamon, I order you to act as a feline."

Obeying Datamon, Renamon got on all fours, starting to lick her right paw and wipe it on her face, cleaning herself, before the brainwashed vixen Digimon moved over to Rika and rubbed her body against Rika’s legs in a show off affection, which Rika returned as she started scratching behind Renamon’s right ear, making her purr in enjoyment.

"I order you both to stop.” Datamon then called out, seeing enough, before he asked. "Now see that machine?"

Pointing to a machine with 4 large mallets, Datamon then instructed. "Lay on your front and lift your buttocks up!"

Like the mindless girls they now were, Rika and Renamon walked on fours towards the machine and laid on their front, allowing their hands to get clamped by the machine as they lifted their butts up.

At once, the mallets sprang to life, spanking Rika's and Renamon's butts fast and hard, making them both moan in pleasure and lust.

As the machine continued spanking Rika and Renamon, Datamon asked in curiosity. "Now, do you two have hidden loves or a male you wish as your mate?"

Rika moaned out in reply. "Oooh yes. There is Takato Matsuki... My Gogglehead... I want him to make me his... I do have a crush on him... But after the way I treated him I... I don't know if he feels the same way..."

"And the same goes for me and his Digimon partner... Guilmon... He may've been childish at first but he has matured over the years and I have fallen head over heels in love with him... But I was afraid to tell him my true feelings..." Renamon yelped as she was spanked more.

"Good.” Datamon replied, before the spanking stopped and the girls were released from their hold.

“Now that is enough slapping and turn your attention to this. Do you see what I see?" Datamon asked, pointing to two chairs, which had two dildos on the seat and mechanical hands on either side.

But because of the collars, it showed images and stimulated various parts of the brain, the two slaves seeing their chosen lovers sitting before them, with two cocks between their legs, but they don't care about their abnormalities, as they were so horny, they needed release.

"Yes my lords. And we want them!" They said as they make their ways to their ‘mates’.

Rika then sat in the chair, moaning out in pleasure as the dildos invaded her vagina and butt hole, but thanks to the collars, they disabled her pain receptors, so she only felt pleasure.

The same had happened to Renamon as, in the other chair, the dildos invaded her ass and vagina, making her moan out in pleasure too, only she started moaning out Guilmon's name over and over.

Suddenly, the chairs began to vibrate, moving the dildos up and down within Rika and Renamon, making them moan in pleasure as the hands began to massage and fondle their breasts, causing their moans to increase, as did their pleasure.

The dildos continued to invade Rika and Renamon’s pussies and asses, while the hands continued groping their breasts, causing them to moan out in pleasure.

“Oh, Takato... You are so deep inside me... Feels so... So good...!” Rika moaned out in pleasure, as her mind was indulged by the sensations the collar and the dildos were giving her.

Meanwhile, Renamon was moaning out too. “Guilomon, please... Ah... Please keep going...!”

Renamon begged, before the foxy Digimon moaned out louder as the hands started pinching her nipples, heightening her pleasure.

Both Rika and Renamon continued, moaning out Takato and Guilmon’s names as the dildos and hands continued to pleasure their bodies, before they both cried out in pleasure as they came at the same time, coating the dildos in their pussies and the seats in their sexual fluids.

After the long 'sex-out' session, both girls fell off the chairs, completely drained of their energy, but even more horny and lustful than before.

"We thank you for all the data on mating you have provided.” Datamon stated, before saying. “However, we have no more uses for either of you anymore."

As each Datamon prepared an attack to finish their weakened slaves off, a familiar voice roared out. "Pyro Sphere!"

Each time a fireball appeared, it stuck Datamon after Datmon, deleting each one, until the head of the Datamon turned to find the source.

Standing before him was and 18 year old Takato Matsuki, still wearing his goggles on his head, but now he wore a blue jacket and a white shirt and zip up trousers.

While next to him was Guilmon, who was now an inch taller than Renamon, as he had matured greatly, as shown by his more muscular body, which was adorned in a red jacket, white shirt and green cargo pants.

"You!" Datamon yelped in fear.

"Thought you be up to something but not like this" Takato said in aggression, before he yelled. "How dare you do this to Rika?"

"And this..." Guilmon said charging forward, before he pulled his right arm back, clenching his hand into a fist and exclaimed. "...Is for Renamon!"

Guilmon punched through Datamon's core, the power was so strong that it shot straight through, smashing Datamon to pieces.

And with that, all the Datamon were deleted, in which both boys rushed over to Rika and Renamon, removing the collars from around their necks, making the girls fall unconscious but were caught by Takato and Guilmon, who embraced them in their arms.

"Rika! Rika, are you alright?" Takato asked in concern, holding her closely to his chest. “

"Erm... Takato?" Takato heard Guilmon call out, in which the Gogglehead turned to see Guilmon, blushing, as he held Renamon and pointed out. "You do know we're holding them naked?"

Takato blushed when he heard this, but then said as he was more focused on Rika and Renamonís wellbeing over their well-developed bodies. "We better take them home. Come on.”

And so, carrying Rika and Renamon on their backs, they left the lab and headed back home.

----A while later, at the Nonaka residence----

Rika and Renamon slowly opened their eyes and realised they were back home, covered by the covers of their bed, in which they sat up and saw Takato and Guilmon talking to each other just outside the bedroom door.

"Takato?" Rika called out.

"Guilmon?" Renamon called out too, which caused the boys to turn over to them, glad to see they were both awake, before they entered Rika’s bedroom.

"Thank goodness you're both alright." Takato said as a smile appeared on his face.

"What happened to us?” Rika asked, before saying. “All we remember is Datamon putting some collars on us and then everything went blank."

"The Datamon somehow brainwashed you two and made you both go through some weird mating experiments." Guilmon replied.

"Oh yeah!" Rika said as she and Renamon tore off the bed sheets and began to say. "I did remember that...”

What?" Rika then asked, confused as to why Takato and Guilmon were looking away from them and why they blushing, in which Rika and Renamon looked down and saw their naked bodies, causing them to blush and wrap their arms around their chests as they crossed their legs to cover their vaginas.

"Oh no! They actually did it " Rika cried, before Renamon added in a shocked tone. "Yes, we're naked!"

"As soon as we heard your screams." Takato said, trying to give them privacy. "We came as soon as we heard and saw you two on those weird chairs and... Well... You know..."

Rika and Renamon blushed madly and then looked ashamed at what they had done and been subjected to.

"But you know..." Takato added, causing both girls to look at them, before he confessed. "We were afraid that we might have lost you."

"Takato?" Rika asked in concern as a tiny blush appeared on her face.

"And we were also afraid to tell you the truth before all of this happened." Guilmon added.

"Guilmon..." Renamon could only say.

Takato sighed and finally admitted with all the love in his heart. "Rika, I love you. I have loved you from the first moment when I saw you. I know you think I may love Jeri but she is with Henry now."

"And I love you too, Renamon." Guilmon told Renamon, before explaining his reasons for his love for Rikaís Digimon partner. "I don't know when it happened but I am totally in love with you. And if you don't feel the same way, that's fine. I just want you to be happy.”

Rika and Renamon were speechless.

The boys they secretly had feelings for were confessing their love to them right in front of them.

Their words were sheered into their brains as love filled their hearts, in which they uncovered themselves and got out of bed.

Rika then wrapped her arms around Takato and hugged him while he was facing the back of her, in which Renamon did the same to Guilmon.

"I love you too, Takato" Rika said in a loving tone, before she confessed. "And I was afraid you did reject me."

"And I love you as well, Guilmon." Renamon said, mimicking the same amount of love in her tone as Rika, before the foxy Digimon said. "And besides, you rescued us. How shouldn't we love you?"

Takato and Guilmon were surprised to hear that and just as they turned around to ask if Rika and Renamon were serious, Takato felt Rika's lips press against his, while Renamon kissed Guilmon.

The two couples began kissing each other personality as they shared their love, but as this was happening, something awakened in Rika and Renamon's minds.

They wanted Takato and Guilmon.

And to let them know that, Rika took a hold of Takato's left hand and placed it on her right breasts, while Renamon pressed her breasts against Guilmon's chest.

After they broke the kiss, they knew what the girls wanted, in which Takato asked in concern. "Rika, Are you sure about that?"

"I am sure." Rika replied in a heartfelt tone.

"Me too. Undress for us while we get things started for you." Renamon said as she and Rika stepped back and spun around, showing off their butts, ready to sexily dance for their loves.

"Ok." Takato and Guilmon replied as both of them began to undress, and soon they were both completely naked, showing off their well-developed bodies, chests and huge cocks at the sight of the naked beauties before them, arousing them both greatly.

----Upcoming Lemons----

And their arousal increased as Rika and Renamon started to dance sexually in front of Takato and Guilmon, swaying their hips and showing off their butts to the boys, before the pair seductively walked over to the boys, pressing their bare breasts against their chests, as Rika kissed Takato again, while Renamon kissed Guilmon.

After breaking from the kiss, Rika and Renamon looked at each other for a moment, before they smiled as an idea came to both their heads that would really please Takato and Guilmon, in which they both gently pushed Takato and Guilmon backwards, making them land on Rika’s bed, before Rika climbed on top of Takato and began to kiss around his neck, while Renamon mimicked Rika’s actions on Guilmon.

Rika and Renamon were rewarded with the sounds of Takato and Guilmon groaning in pleasure as they continued to kiss them, before they both kissed down their chests, licking their nipples along the way, before they reached the boys’ erect members.

And before Takato could say a single word, Rika started licking around the tip of Takato’s cock, before taking as much of his dick into her mouth as she could and began to give him a loving blowjob.

“Ah... Rika, that's so... Ah... So good...!” Takato groaned out in pleasure as Rika continued to suck and deep throat Takato's manhood until she managed to get all of it into her mouth, glad to know she was pleasing her love.

However, within a few minutes, Rika could feel Takato's member quiver in her mouth in which Rika sucked Takato's cock as hard as she could, causing him to groan out loudly as he released his load into Rika's mouth.

Rika, with lust, swallowed all of Takato's cum, enjoying the taste, in which he told Rika. “Wow, Rika. That was incredible.”

“I’m glad you did, Takato.” Rika replied in a warm tone as she began to stroke Takato's manhood, until it was fully erect again, before she called out. “Oh, Takato, spank me!”

Takato did as he was told, a little surprised by her request, but more so by the fact he was enjoying it and the sensation of him dominating her.

After all the spanking, Takato then grabbed Rika and switched positions, with him hovering over her, looking down at her beautiful body, her voluptuous breasts, perfectly shaped and curved, and her body, which was sexy, feminine but had a little of the tomboy that she was known for.

Takato then kissed Rika’s neck and collarbone, before his kisses trailed down her chest, planting a kiss on each of their breasts, before he reached her pussy and began to lash at her womanhood.

Rika moaned out in pleasure and excitement as she placed her hands on the back of Takato's head, pushing his head forward, allowing him to access more of her pussy as he continued to eat her out.

Soon after, Takato turned Rika until she was on all fours and continued to pleasure her Rika's pussy, causing her to moan out in pleasure. “Takato... Feels so good... Ah... Yes, Takato...!”

Continuing to pleasure Rika, Takato licked and sucked Rika's pussy lips as hard as he could, causing Rika to yell in ecstasy as she had her orgasm and released her sexual fluids into Takato's mouth and onto the mattress.

“How did that feel?” Takato asked Rika, who replied in a loving and breathless tone. “It... It was great...”

Hearing that made Takato smile, before he grabbed Rika by her hips and inserted his manhood into Rika's ass, causing Rika to loudly moan out pleasure from the pleasurable sensation of Takato's cock inside of her. “Oh, Takato... Ah... It’s so big... Feels so good inside me...!”

Takato then started to thrust his cock in and out of Rika's ass at a fast and steady pace, and within a few minutes, their moans and groans of sexual pleasure and excitement began to fill Rika's bedroom.

“Yes... Ah... Feels so good... Keep going... Don’t... Ah...Please don’t stop...!” Rika moaned out in erotic pleasure.

“I... I'm glad that you feel good, Rika... Ah... This feels great...!” Takato groaned back in reply as he continued, not wanting to disappoint his girl.

After an hour, both of them began to move frantically as their climaxes started to come closer and closer, in which Takato groaned out. “R... Rika... I can't... Ah... I can’t hold it any longer... I'm going to come...!”

Takato tried to contain himself for as long as he could, but it was then he groaned out loudly as he came, filling Rika’s ass with his cum, which caused Rika to scream out Takato’s name in ecstasy as she had her orgasm.

After removing his manhood from her pussy, Rika collapsed forward onto the bed as Takato remained above her.

“Oh, Takato...” Rika said breathlessly, before Rika moaned out in pleasure again as Takato then inserted his manhood into Rika’s vagina, going deep inside of her.

“Rika... Ah... Your pussy feels great... It’s so tight... Ah... Like your ass...!” Takato groaned out as he continued to pound his cock into Rika’s vagina.

As Takato and Rika continued to make love, Rika and Takato then changed positions with Takato lying down on Rika’s bed as Rika was on top, jumping up and down, impaling herself on his manhood.

“Yes... Ah... Yes, I love this... I love you... Oh, Takato...” Rika moaned out, in which Takato groaned out in reply. “Ah . . . I'm glad that you... Ah... You like it, Rika... Ah... Rika, I love you so much...!”

After another hour of lovemaking, Takato repositioned himself and Rika, so he was on top of her again, as he continued to make love to her.

However, both lovers started moving frantically as they were reaching their climaxes, causing Takato to groan out.  “I... I can't hold it... I... Ah... I'm going to come...!”

“Yes, Takato, I'm... Ah... I’m coming too... Ah...!” Rika moaned in reply.

Takato and Rika continued to make love for as long as they could, however, Takato was soon unable to contain himself, in which he and Rika groaned and moaned out loudly as they both had their orgasms, with Rika cumming all over Takato’s manhood, while he filled her womb with his seed.

With their orgasms over, Takato collapsed onto Rika’s chest, resting his head on her breasts as his manhood remained inside her, before the Gogglehead told Rika breathlessly. “Wow. That was great.”

“Got that right, my love.” Rika replied in a loving tone, before she kissed her beloved on the lips, which he happily returned, before he and she soon fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

----With Guilmon and Renamon----

Around the same time Takato and Rika began their mating, Guilmon and Renamon were on the very right of Rika’s bed, with Renamon on her back and Guilmon on top of her, locked in a deep and loving kiss.

“I love you, Guilmon.” Renamon said in a heartfelt tone as they broke for air.

“I love you too, Renamon.” Guilmon replied with the same amount of love, before he showed his love as he kissed Renamon’s right breast, while fondling her left, making the vixen Digimon moan out in pleasure, before her pleasure heightened as she felt his tail snaked its way into her pussy.

“Ah...Oh, yeah, Guilmon... Ah... That’s.... Ah... That’s great...!” Renamon moaned out in pleasure, before Guilmon began to massage her left breast, while he moved his head to Renamon’s right and began to lick around, before sucking and biting gently on her nipple, as his tail continued to thrust in and out of her vagina.

“Oh, yes...Yes... Ah... Donít stop... Oh, yes, Guilmon...!” Renamon cried out in pleasure as she could feel her orgasm approaching.

And, moments later, Renamon screamed out in pleasure as she had her orgasm and came, causing the foxy Digimon to release her sexual fluids on most of Guilmon’s tail, while the rest dripped onto Rika’s bed, leaving Renamon breathless, while Guilmon still had energy to spare, in which the red dragon Digimon removed his tail from Renamon’s threshold and moved away from her, revealing his fully erect penis to her, and she wanted it, badly.

Renamon then sat up and kissed Guilmon again, who immediately kissed her back, before the vixen Digimon broke from the kiss and kissed down Guilmon’s chest, past his Digital Hazard mark, until she reached his member, which she took into her mouth and gave Guilmon a blowjob, as she massaged his balls.

As Renamon continued to massage his balls, which caused Guilmon to groan out louder, before he placed his left hand on the back of Renamon’s head, forcing all of his cock into her mouth, while his right hand began to pat and massage the top of her head in approval, which made Renamon mentally smile, knowing she was pleasing her love.

But after experiencing such pleasure, Guilmon was unable to contain himself and, without warning, he released his load into Renamon’s waiting mouth.

After Guilmon finished with his climax, Renamon then took her mouth away from Guilmon’s manhood, in which the remaining cum of the bearer of the Digital Hazard mark spurted across her breasts, chest and face, which she actually enjoyed.

After wiping Guilmon’s cum off her face and body, licking her paws clean, Renamon asked in a mixture of curiosity and love. "Oh, Guilmon, did you like that?"

"Yeah, I did..." Guilmon replied breathlessly, which made her pleased with herself that she was able to do such a good job to please him.

“I’m happy to know that, Guilmon.” Renamon replied in a submissive tone, as she smiled at him, before the foxy Digimon stated seductively. “And you tasted pretty good too.”

It was then Renamon moved around and got on all fours, before she suddenly begged. “Oh, Guilmon, spank me!”

Which, upon hearing that caused Guilmon to question in shock. “What did you say?”

“I said spank me! Please, Guilmon. I need it, I need you!” Renamon begged.

At first Guilmon was reluctant, but as he looked into Renamon’s eyes, he could see the need she held for a spanking, and not wanting to upset her, Guilmon moved his hand up and slapped her butt, making her yelp in pain and pleasure.

But soon, Renamon’s moaning increased as the pain and pleasure surged through her body, while a strange feeling spread through Guilmon as he could feel his instincts taking over.

And, unable to hold back, Guilmon grabbed Renamonís hips and thrust his cock into her ass, making her moan out in pleasure, while Guilmon continued to push his cock in and out of Renamon’s ass, he groaned out in pleasure.

Guilmon continued to thrust himself inside of Renamon for as long as he could, but eventually, the red dragon Digimon couldn’t contain himself as he then came, filling her ass with cum.

After Guilmon removed his cock from Renamon’s ass, revealing it was still hard, Renamon’s pussy was quite wet with all the sexual pleasure she had just experienced, in which she wiggled her butt, showing she wanted more.

And Guilmon complied as grabbed Renamon’s legs, placed them on his shoulders and guided his manhood into her vagina.

Renamon moaned out in pleasure from the pleasurable feeling of Guilmon’s hardened cock stretching her vagina walls out, as his member began to exit and enter her, in which the vixen Digimon moaned out. “Guil... Ah... Guilmon... Oh, yes... You are... Ah... So deep inside me... Ah... And it feels... Ah... So good... Ah... Don’t stop... Ah... Please don’t stop...!”

As Guilmon continued to thrust his manhood in and out of Renamon’s pussy, Renamon placed her paws on her breasts and began to massage them, her body was overindulged by pleasure, never experienced before and didn’t want them to end.

“Ah... Ah... You are amazing...Ah...Guilmon... Ah... You are so deep within me... Ah... And it feels so good... Oh, Yes... Yes...!” Renamon moaned out in pleasure.

“Ah... I’m glad that you... Ah... Feel that way... Ah... And... Ah... you aren’t bad yourself...!” Guilmon groaned out in reply.

As the pair continued mating, soon, the two of them started to move around frantically as they both could feel that their climaxes were going to come soon, in which the red dragon Digimon groaned out. “Rena... Renamon... I... Ah... I’m so close... I can feel it... Ah... I’m going to come...!”

“Me too, Guilmon... Ah... Cum inside me... I want you so badly...!” Renamon moaned out in reply as she and Guilmon continued to mate for a few more minutes, however, neither of them were able to take anymore, in which Guilmon and Renamon cried out in ecstasy as they came at the same time, Renamon’s cum covering Guilmon’s cock, while the bearer of the Hazard mark released his seed within the foxy Digimon.

After the two were finished with their climaxes, Guilmon gently removed her legs from his shoulders, before he repositioned himself, resting on his back, as Renamon rested on his chest and she stared at him lovingly, before he mimicked her and they both shared another loving kiss.

“I love you, Guilmon.” Renamon said to Guilmon in a loving tone.

“I love you too, Renamon.” Guilmon replied lovingly to her, before they both closed their eyes and fell asleep, dreaming of the love they had made with each other and to enjoy a joyous future together.

----End Lemons----

The End.
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Warning: This chapter will involve Lemons between various Digimon pairings.
----With the Digi-girls, moments later----

"We're here." Mervamon said as the girls looked at a nice spring in the middle of the forest.

It was like a warm water pond with steam coming out of it.

"Oh, and Gatomon, Renamon, you need to take off your gloves. No clothing allowed." Mervamon told the pair.

"Ok." Both Gatomon and Renamon said uneasy as they took off their gloves, more difficult for Gatomon as the scars left upon her paws by Myotismon were revealed.

"Are you coming in?" Lunamon asked Mervamon.

"Actually, I kinda want to be on guard today so go in, my queen." Mervamon replied in a friendly and loyal tone.

Biyomon, Gatomon, Renamon, AquaVeemon and Lunamon then carefully stepped into the hot spring, before slowly sinking in, allowing the water to cover their bodies as they all began to relax.

"So AquaVeemon. What are your thoughts on Veemon?" Biyomon asked, wanting to start a conversation.

"Him? Well... Like Gatomon said, he's really brave. And I think he is kinda cute." AquaVeemon confessed as she blushed.

"And what about you and Patamon?" Biyomon teased Gatomon.

"Oh, he'll always be around when I need him and I truly love him." Gatomon replied happily, before asking the Digimon of Love back. "What about you, Biyomon? What's your feelings towards Agumon?"

Biyomon blushed and replied sincerely. "Agumon's wonderful. He's always taking care of me and he always find a way to calm my nerves. So yeah, I am falling in love with him actually."

"Seems like most Digimon are falling in love today." Renamon commented.

Hearing that caused Gatomon to turn her attention to Renamon and ask the vixen Digimon in a curious and teasing tone. "Oh? And what about you, Renamon? Do you love Guilmon? I remember you not correcting Mervamon when she call him your mate."

Renamon blushed madly once again being called Guilmon's mate and then said. "I guess I do. But I am afraid if he would think of love as some kind of food. But no matter what, he saved my life today and..."

"Renamon!" Gatomon screamed suddenly, before the feline Digimon questioned in shock. "What happened to your chest?"

"What are you talking about?" Renamon asked in confusion, until she felt something begin to grow under her mane.

"She's right." Lunamon said, before pointing out. "Something is growing under your mane."

As Renamon looked, someone popped out under her mane.

They are two huge balls growing out of her chest and some pink bits on it, and they still continued to grow, making Renamon gasp, as she knew what it is.

"There breasts!" Renamon screamed, before the foxy Digimon said "Humans have them and I am growing them out of nowhere!"

"Hey!" Biyomon screamed, getting everyone's attention, before she said in worry. "it is happening to us too!"

Soon enough, Biyomon, Gatomon, Lunamon and AquaVeemon start to grow breasts as well.

"What's happening?" Lunamon asked in worry.

"It's alright, Lunamon. It's like I said before, these hot springs made me the Digimon I am today. You're getting genders." Mervamon replied.

"Something is happening as well. Our... Our rears." Gatomon said as she held on her rear in the water, and the same was happening to the other girls.

Renamon stood up from the water to reveal she now has a butt now and a huge one at that as well as a human belly button and something under her crotch.

"What's happening to us?" AquaVeemon asked in worry.

"This spring allows those who use it to undergo huge transformations." Mervamon explained, before saying. "When I was just a BlackGatomon I was shocked when I used it as well but now I got used to it. There is nowhere to reverse it. Sorry if I tricked you but I thought you would be happy."

Gatomon felt the lips on her crotch in the water. "Whoa. That does feel good."

Renamon grabbed her breasts and rubbed them.

"You're right." she moaned, before the vixen Digimon moaned out in confession. "It does feel pretty good."

"Wait untill the boys see this." Biyomon said lustfully, licking her lips as thoughts of Agumon entered her mind, arousing her, before all the girls got out and admire their new body transformations.

"I was planning to get the boys in next so they can get their manhood." Mervamon grinned.

"That sounds like an idea." Lunamon replied.

----Back in Shoutmon's castle, after the Digi-girls returned----

After relieving Beelzemon from duty, thanking him for keeping his word and watching over Guilmon, Renamon was once again by the red dragon's side.

After waiting several minutes, Renamon heard a groan and gasped in suprise as Guilmon finally woke up.

"Guilmon!" Renamon said happily.

"Renamon... I... I am glad you're ok." Guilmon said as he sat up, however, when he saw Renamon's sexy body, he was unable to do anything but blush as he stared at the sexy vixen before him

"What... What happened to your body?" Guilmon asked, continuing to stare at her, mainly her chest.

Renamon giggled, before she replied. "It's alright. But we need to talk for a while. Tell me, do you love me or not? If so, then that would explain you saving my life."

Guilmon blushed and replied. "Yes, I do. But you are a great fighter and I thought..."

However, Guilmon sentence was cut short as he was silenced when Renamon pressed her lips against his, kissing him lovingly.

At first Guilmon was surprised, but soon he closed his eyes and returned the kiss with the same passion Renamon was giving.

After breaking from the kiss, Renamon smiled and said. "I love you too. And I am glad. Will you come with me to the spring? I can help you rest up".

"I'd love to, Renamon." Guilmon replied lovingly as he smiled at the foxy Digimon, before the pair turned around to look at Agumon and Biyomon, kissing in the corner, not seeing the sly smile on Renamon's face.

----Meanwhile, in his room----

Veemon woke up, only to be greeted by a kiss by AquaVeemon, causing his eyes to widen and his heart rate to increase from the beautiful Digimon embracing him lovingly.

After she broke away from kiss, AquaVeemon said. "That is for saving my life, my knight in shining armour. I am AquaVeemon. Gatomon told me a lot about you."

Veemon blushed as something new entered his heart, a gift of love.

"Ah, it's no worries." Veemon replied, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment and modesty.

"So Veemon, we're all planning to go down to the spring later. Wanna come?" AquaVeemon then asked in a curious and friendly tone.

"Sure." Veemon said in reply.

Meanwhile, Gatomon was with Patamon, trying to convince her mate to come to the hot springs with her.

"We can give you all a massage as you rest. How about that?" Gatomon asked in a somewhat seductive tone.

"Well..." Patamon said.

"Please?" Gatomon begged, with wide cat-like eyes.

"Alright. Why not?" Patamon happily replied, happy to see Gatomon smiling.

"So you're all coming down to the spring as well?" Shoutmon asked Lunamon while they were together in the throne room.

"Sure. Come with us. I wanna thank you for the time you saved me." Lunamon said lovingly.

"Alright though I am suprised at your body's transformation." Shoutmon pointed out in reply, looking around his mate.

"Why thank you, Shoutmon." Lunamon replied happily.

----At the hot spring----

The Digi-girls led the boys to the hot spring, slowly sliding in to get used to the temperature, before they all sighed contently.

With that, Agumon, Patamon, Veemon, Guilmon and Shoutmon climbed in beside their girls, while Beelzemon and Mavervamon kept watch.

Once he was in the water, Lunamon put Shoutmon's head between her legs, near her crotch, and began to massage his shoulders, n which the others followed Lunamon’s actions.

"Man, this is good." Agumon said as Biyomon massaged his shoulders, before the amber coloured reptile Digimon asked curiously. "Biyomon, that is awesome. When did you get so good?"

"Oh, I have my ways." Biyomon said grinning.

"How do you feel, Veemon?" AquaVeemon asked in a mixture of curiosity and love, massaging Veemon’s back.

"Great and what're you doing is incredible." Veemon replied in enjoyment.

"Oh we can do more than that." Renamon said in a seductive tone, before she rested her breasts on Guilmon's head and massaged her mate’s back and shoulders.

"Aaaahh." Guilmon sighed out, before thinking. 'Whoa, her breasts are heavy, but this feels really nice.'

Patamon reached his hand to his crotch as Gatomon massaged him only for his face to change.

"Err... Guys..." Patamon said, getting the attention of the guys, while the girls all smiled.

"Something just appeared on my crotch." Patamon stated.

"Eh?" Shoutmon asked.

Most of the boys reach down to their crotches as the girls grinned lustfully.

Suddenly, all the boys rose up from the water, causing them to blush in embarrassment as they all had male parts, balls and a thick cock hung in between their legs.

"It worked." Lunamon said, unable to giggle a little.

"Worked? Lunamon, what’s going on...?" Shoutmon asked his mate, in which Mervamon decided to tell her beloved and the others the truth.

After they climbed out, Mervamon explained to them the secret behind the hot spring, stunning them, before Shoutmon said. "That was dirty low-down trick, Mervamon."

"Cheer up." Biyomon begged, feeling guilty for deceiving Agumon and her friends, before the Digimon of Love said. "Besides, it's what we wanted."

"You wanted?" Agumon asked in confusion as to what Biyomon meant by that.

"We're sorry but we really want to be with you. And since Digimon don't have sex, this was the only way." AquaVeemon added.

"Please, forgive us." The female Digimon said, bowing their heads.

Suddenly, they were surprised as Agumon, Patamon, Veemon, Guilmon and Shoutmon lifted their heads and kissed them on the lips.

‘I’ll take that as a yes.’ Gatomon thought to herself, before kissing Patamon back.

"We forgive you.” Guilmon said, breaking from the kiss with Renamon, before the bearer of the Hazard mark told the vixen Digimon in a more mature tone. “Besides, you girls look more sexy in those bodies."

"Guilmon..." Renamon replied breathlessly, before she and Guilmon kissed again.

As the Digimon couples continued to make out, Mervamon rested her head on the right side of Beelzemon’s shoulder as she rubbed her hand up and down his chest armour.

"Let's just say we all retire to our rooms and have some fun?" Beezlemon suggested.

“I was hoping you’d say that.” Mervamon replied, before Beelzemon picked her up bridal style and flew back to the Digimon King’s castle, making Mervamon giggle along the way.

----Back at Shoutmon's castle: Upcoming Lemons----

Within their bedroom, Beelzemon and Mervamon were sitting at the end of their bed, locked in a deep and passionate kiss, as they tasted each other's mouths and saliva.

After the Mega Level Digimon duo broke from their kiss, all their clothing, minus Beelzemon's mask, had digitized, leaving them both completely naked, revealing Mervamon's H-cup sized breasts and Beelzemon's ten-inch manhood.

A sly smile appeared on Mervamon's face as she stared at Beelzemon, who smiled back at her, knowing what she had in mind.

Beelzemon then gently pushed Mervamon on her back before climbing on top of her, in which the Warrior of Light then turned around so he had a good view of Mervamon's pussy, while she had his manhood in front of her face.

And without hesitation, Mervamon took Beelzemon's cock into her mouth and began to suck him off, causing him to groan out in pleasure, before the pleasure was returned as the ally of the Fusion Fighters began to lash at her threshold.

Their bedroom was filled with the sounds of their combined pleasure, Beelzemon groaned out as he continued to lick and suck her pussy, while Mervamon continued to give her beloved a blowjob, however, after several more minutes both Digimon cried out at the same time as they came, filling the other's mouth with their cum.

"You taste sweet, my goddess." Beelzemon told Mervamon as he moved away from her vagina and to her face, which caused her to smile and reply. "As do you, my love."

"Are you ready?" Beelzemon then asked, the tip of his manhood rubbing against Mervamon's wet pussy.

"Always." Mervamon replied, before she told Beelzemon. "Give it to me!"

And with that, Beelzemon nodded his head in reply, before thrusting inside Mervamon, making her moan out in pleasure from the feeling of her vagina walls being stretched out.

"Yes, Beelzemon, yes... Ah... You are amazing... Don't stop...!" Mervamon cried out in pleasure.

"Don't... Ah... Don't sell yourself short... You're so tight... Feels so good...!' Beelzemon groaned out in reply.

As Beelzemon and Mervamon continued mating, Beelzemon wrapped his arms around Mervamon's back and pulled her up into a sitting position and began to kiss and lick her massive breasts as he continued to pound his cock into her pussy, neither wanting the experience to end.

But both of them soon moved around frantically as they could feel they were reaching their climaxes, causing Mervamon to moan out. "Be... Beelzemon, I'm so close... Ah... I'm going to cum soon...!"

"Me too... I can't contain myself for long...!" Beelzemon groaned out in reply.

The pair continued mating for as long as they could, until Mervamon cried out Beelzemon's name in ecstasy as she came, releasing her sexual fluids all over Beelzemon's manhood, which sent him over the edge and caused him to groan out loudly as he came, filling Mervamon with his seed.

After their orgasms wore off, Beelzemon pulled his cock out of Mervamon's threshold, before rolling over to her right side as he laid on his back to catch his breath, only to smile as Mervamon rested her head on his chest.

"I love you, Beelzemon." Mervamon told her mate with all her heart.

"And I love you too, Mervamon. I always have and always will." Beelzemon replied, before he wrapped his wings around himself and Mervamon, pulling her closer to his chest as they shared another loving kiss.

----Meanwhile, with the Digimon King----

Shoutmon and Lunamon had their eyes closed as they kissed each other lovingly, mating their tongues, while tasting and swapping saliva.

Shoutmon then broke from the kiss and began kissing around Lunamon's neck, causing soft moans to escape from her lips, and as the Digimon King continued, he stopped for a moment to take in her beauty, her pert breasts, cute buttocks and pussy, before he gently laid Lunamon on her back, before the Digimon King climbed on top of her and then began to kiss around Lunamon's neck again, before trailing down to her breasts, causing her to moan in pleasure.

"Shout... Oh, Shoutmon... Ah... That feels so good...!" Lunamon cried out as her mate licked her left nipple, while his left hand massaged her right breast.

"I'm glad you like that. But it's going to get a whole lot better." Shoutmon told her as he ceased his actions on Lunamon's breasts and lowered his head down to Lunamon's pussy, which was quite wet with her sexual fluids, and then began to lash at it, causing the rabbit-like Digimon to moan out in sexual excitement.

As Shoutmon continued to lick Lunamon's pussy, the rabbit-like Digimon moaned out loudly. "Oh, Shoutmon, that's so good... Ah... That's so good...!"

But soon, Lunamon was unable to contain herself and moaned out loudly as she came, releasing her sexual fluids into Shoutmon's mouth, which he licked up and then told her. "Lunamon, you taste great."

Lunamon smiled before she decided to pay Shoutmon back after receiving so much pleasure, in which the rabbit-like Digimon then repositioned herself and Shoutmon, so she was on top of the Digimon King, before Lunamon began to gently kiss around the Digimon King's neck, causing him to groan out in pleasure.

Lunamon then mimicked Shoutmon's actions, kissing her way down his chest, until the she had reached Shoutmon's manhood, which had emerged from its protective sheath and caused the rabbit-like Digimon to blush at the sight of it.

“Oh, my king, you are so big.” Lunamon told Shoutmon as she stared at his, cock, which was around seven-inches.

And then, not wanting to displease the her king and mate, Lunamon began to gently trace her tongue around the tip of Shoutmon's dick, before the rabbit-like Digimon took as much of the Digimon King's cock into her mouth and started to suck him off, causing the Digimon King to groan out as Lunamon continued to give him a loving blowjob.

Sometime later, Shoutmon was unable to contain himself and came, releasing his load into Lunamon's mouth, which surprised her at how much he came, but continued to suck until Shoutmon was finished.

And when Shoutmon had finished cumming, Lunamon removed her lips from Shoutmon's manhood, went face to face with him and asked in a sweet and curious tone. "Oh, Shoutmon, did you like that?"

"Yeah... I did..." Shoutmon replied, short of breath for a moment, while a warm smile appeared on Lunamon's face, knowing she had pleased Shoutmon with her blowjob.

And after Shoutmon had got his energy back, the Digimon King grabbed onto Lunamon's hips and flipped them over, so he was on top of her again, the tip of his manhood gently rubbing against her threshold.

Shoutmon then looked into Lunamon's eyes, as if asking 'Are you ready?" and, in response, Lunamon smiled warmly and nodded, before Shoutmon lowered himself and inserted his cock into Lunamon's vagina, causing both her and the red dragon Digimon to moan out loudly in pleasure.

And then Shoutmon began to thrust his cock in and out of Lunamon's vagina, before the red dragon Digimon groaned out. "Oh... Lunamon, you... You're so tight... Ah... It's great...!"

Shoutmon started slow in their mating, but soon quickly picked up the pace, going deeper and deeper into Lunamon's pussy, causing Lunamon's moans to turn into cries and screams of pleasure.

"Oh, Shoutmon... Yes... That's so good... Ah... Please more... Please more" Lunamon exclaimed in erotic pleasure.

As Shoutmon and Lunamon continued to mate, the Digimon King then slowed down for a moment and turned Lunamon around until she was on all fours and started to thrust his cock inside of her again, causing their moaning to become even louder than before.

"Oh, Shoutmon, please keep going... Ah... Please... Please don't stop...!" Lunamon cried out in pure erotic excitement as Shoutmon continued to mate with the rabbit-like Digimon.

But soon, Shoutmon could feel Lunamon's vagina walls clamping down even harder on his cock, showing that she was close to her climax, though she wasn't the only one as Shoutmon groaned out. "Ah... Lunamon... Ah... I'm coming... Ah...I'm going to cum soon...!"

Lunamon, feeling that Shoutmon's pace was really quickening and feeling her climax coming, yelled out in sexual pleasure. "Me too, Shoutmon... Ah... I'm coming, too...!"

And Lunamon wasn't lying, as she couldn't contain herself any longer as the rabbit-like Digimon cried out Shoutmon's name in pure pleasure as she came, releasing her cum all over Shoutmon's member.

"Oh, Lunamon... I'm coming, too... Lunamon...! " Shoutmon groaned out loudly in pleasure as he came, filling Lunamon's womb with his seed.

Shoutmon then removed his manhood from Lunamon's pussy, before lying on her bed, before he smiled as she snuggled up to his chest.
"Oh, Shoutmon, I love you." Lunamon said in a loving tone, so happy what she and Shoutmon had just gone through together, in which the Digimon King replied with the same amount of love in his voice. "And I love you, Lunamon."

----Within Veemon’s bedroom----

“I love you, Veemon.” AquaVeemon told Veemon as she and the ‘V’ marked dragon Digimon kissed each other lovingly.

“Why? Just out of curiosity.” Veemon asked, in which AquaVeemon smiled at him and replied in an honest tone. “I love you because you’re the only one I’ve known who has cared enough about me for sometime now. You saved my life and I will always love you.”

In reply, Veemon smiled, kissing AquaVeemon again, before he told her. “And I love you too, AquaVeemon.”

“What about Gatomon?” AquaVeemon had to ask.

“It’s true I did have feeling for her, but I see now you are supposed to be my mate, not her.” Veemon replied, before he held AquaVeemon close to her and said. “And I promise I will always look after and protect you.”

“Oh, Veemon...” AquaVeemon said breathlessly, before she and Veemon kissed each other deeply.

Veemon then laid AquaVeemon on his bed, before he climbed on top of her and brought her into another deep and passionate kiss, while his hands began to massage and fondle her chest, AquaVeemon to moan out in pleasure in Veemon’s mouth.

After the pair broke from the kiss, Veemon then started to kiss around AquaVeemon’s neck, causing her to moan out in pleasure.

And AquaVeemon’s pleasure was only heightened when Veemon then kissed down her neck, moved to her breasts, in which the ‘V’ marked dragon removed his left hand from AquaVeemon’s right breast, only to replace it with his tongue as the Digimon of Courage and Friendship started to lick all around AquaVeemon’s breast

Unable to control herself, AquaVeemon grabbed the back of Veemon’s head and gently pushed him forward, causing the blue dragon Digimon to take her nipple into his mouth and suck on it.

“Oh... That feels so good... Ah...!” AquaVeemon moaned out in pleasure as Veemon continued his actions on his mate’s breasts.

But after several more minutes of pleasure AquaVeemon wanted more, in which the female Veemon gently pushed Veemon off her, enjoying the sight of her Master’s fully erect eight-inch penis, before she spread her legs out and told Veemon in a loving tone. “I'm all yours, my beloved.”

Veemon and AquaVeemon smiled as they stared lovingly into each other’s eyes for a moment, before the Digimon of Courage and Friendship lowered his head and kissed AquaVeemon deeply on the lips, which she happily returned, before it was then the ‘V’ marked dragon inserted his manhood into the her vagina.

As Veemon’s cock continued to enter and exit AquaVeemon, AquaVeemon moaned out erotically as she wrapped her legs around Veemon’s waist. “Oh, yes, Veemon... That’s it... Ah... Don’t stop... Please don’t stop...!”

“I wouldn’t dream of it... Ah, Yeah...!” Veemon groaned out in reply as he placed his hands on AquaVeemon’s hips and continued mating with the Digimon he loved.

However, after an hour or so, Veemon and AquaVeemon began to move around frantically, before the ‘V’ marked dragon groaned out. “Oh, AquaVeemon... I can’t hold on much longer...I’m going to cum soon...!”

“Me too, Vee... Ah... Veemon...I’m cumming too...!” AquaVeemon moaned out in reply, in which she tried to hold on as long as she could, but it was no use.

And unable to take anymore, AquaVeemon cried out in ecstasy as she reached her climax, and released her cum all over Veemon’s dick, which caused him to reach his peak and he yelled out in pleasure as he released his warm seed into AquaVeemon 's womb.

As the afterglow of their mating wore off, Veemon removed his member from AquaVeemon’s threshold, before he rolled over to her right side and took time to catch his breath.

But as the blue dragon Digimon was doing so, AquaVeemon snuggled up to him, resting her head on the left side of her mate’s chest, which made Veemon smile.

“How did that feel, AquaVeemon?” Veemon asked in a curious and loving tone.

“Wonderful. Thank you for such an amazing experience. I love you, Veemon.” AquaVeemon replied in a content and warm tone.”

“You’re welcome. I love you too, AquaVeemon” Veemon happily replied, before he and AquaVeemon shared another passionate kiss.

----Around the same time with Patamon and Gatomon----

Patamon was lying on his back as Gatomon was on top of him, kissing the Digimon of Hope lovingly on the lips, which he happily returned with the same love for her.

As Gatomon continued kissing Patamon, she mentally smiled as she could feel Patamon’s manhood emerge from its protective sheath and poke her in the stomach, in which she got an idea of how to increase the pleasure of her mate.

Gatomon then broke from the kiss, before he looked into her azure eyes and could see the love and desire they held for him, which made Patamon smile.

And then Gatomon moved her head down to his cock, began to lick around the tip, before taking all seven-inches into her mouth, making Patamon groan out in pleasure.

“Gatomon, that’s really good... Ah... Keep it up...!” Patamon groaned out, only for Gatomon to think slyly, referring to his erect dick. ‘Only if you can.’

Gatomon continued to move her head up and down, her tongue dancing around Patamon’s manhood skillfully, before Patamon couldn’t hold back and let out a loud groan as he came, surprising Gatomon for a moment as she tried to swallow all she could, but some dripped doubt of her mouth and onto her breasts.

“Gatomon... I... I’m sorry. I...” Patamon tried to apologize as he tried to catch his breath but was cut in his sentence when Gatomon gently placed her paw over Patamon’s mouth.

“It’s alright, Patamon. I just wanted you to feel good.” Gatomon told Patamon lovingly, before she wiped his cum off her breasts, licked her other paw and then said seductively. “Besides, you taste pretty sweet.”

Seeing Gatomon acting so ‘naughty’ was really turning Patamon on, as shown by his still erect dick.

And he decided he should return the pleasure, in which he managed to remove Gatomon from off his chest and onto her back, before the Digimon of Hope climbed on top of her and started licking her left breast, massaging and fondling her right with his paw as his wings went under her armpits.

“Pata... Aha ha ha... Patamon... That... That tickles...!” Gatomon laughed out as tears filled her eyes, as the tickling was actually turning her on as she could feel herself get wetter in-between her legs from Patamon’s erotic actions.

Seeing this, Patamon couldn’t hold back as he took control again and positioned Gatomon on all fours as he stood behind her.

And before Gatomon could say a single word, a cry of erotic pleasure escaped from the feline Digimon’s mouth as Patamon’s pushed his cock inside her vagina.

After a few minutes, "Oh, Gatomon... You're pussy is so tight... Ah... It's great...!" Patamon groaned out as he could feel Gatomon’s threshold clamp down pleasurably on his member, allowing him to easily access her, but soon clamped down as he started to leave, as if her body was begging for his cock to stay inside her.

And Gatomon was feeling the same amount of pleasure, as she moaned out. " Yes! Yes! Yes, Patamon... That's so good... More... oh, Patamon...!"

But soon, Patamon could feel Gatomon’s vagina walls clamping down even harder on his cock, showing that she was close to her climax, but then again, so was Patamon, as he groaned out, continuing to thrust in and out of his mate. "Gato... Ah... Gatomon,  I'm coming... I'm going to cum soon...!"

"Me, too, Patamon... I... I'm coming, too... Ah... Oh, Patamon, give it to me...!" Gatomon moaned out erotically.

Patamon and Gatomon continued to mate for as long as they could, but soon, Gatomon couldn't contain herself any longer and cried out in pleasure as she released her cum all over Patamon’s manhood.

This caused Patamon to groan out loudly. "Oh, Gatomon... I'm coming, too... Ah... Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!"

And then Patamon reached his peak, filling Gatomon up with his seed as he groaned out Gatomon’s name in pure pleasure.

And as the afterglow of their mating wore off, Gatomon collapsed onto her stomach as Patamon collapsed onto her back, his dick still buried in her threshold, as both Digimon remained in their position, not just to get their energy back, but they never felt so close, like they had become one and could feel all the love the held for each other as Patamon nuzzled his head against the back of Gatomon’s head in affection.

----With Agumon and Biyomon----

Biyomon was lying on her back, crying out in pleasure as Agumon had his head in between her legs and was licking at her vagina.

“Agumon... Ah... That’s feels... Ah... Amazing...!” Biyomon moaned out as Agumon continued to eat her out, which made Agumon happy to know he was pleasing his love.

Agumon continued, his tongue diving deep within Biyomon’s threshold, until Biyomon was unable to contain herself and cried out in pleasure as she came, releasing her sexual fluids into Agumon’s mouth.

After a moment for Agumon to swallow Biyomon’s cum and Biyomon to catch her breath, Agumon picked her up and repositioned her onto all fours, before he grabbed onto her hips and pressed the tip of his eighth-inch dick against the entrance to her ass.

And before Biyomon could say anything, Agumon pushed his cock inside her, asking them both moan out loudly I pleasure, not that Biyomon didn’t want to have her beloved inside her.

As Agumon continued to push his cock in and out of Biyomon’s ass, he moved his head down and started kissing the back of Biyomon’s neck, while she moaned out in pleasure too.

Agumon continued to thrust himself inside of Biyomon for as long as he could, but eventually, the Digimon of Courage couldn’t contain himself as he then came inside Biyomon, filling her with both cum and pleasure.

After Agumon removed his cock from Biyomon’s ass, revealing it was still hard, Biyomon’s pussy was quite wet with all the sexual pleasure she had just experienced, in which she wiggled her butt, showing she wanted more.

And Agumon complied as he inserted his manhood into her vagina.

“Oh, Biyomon... Your pussy is just as tight... Ah... Feels good...!” Agumon groaned out.

“So good... Ah... You are so good, Agumon... Don’t stop...!” Biyomon cried in pleasure.

The pair continued mating for as long as they could, however, the two of them started to move frantically as their climaxes drew closer, causing Agumon to let out a loud groan as Biyomon let out a loud cry of ecstasy as she experienced her climax and Agumon, pushed over the edge by Biyomon’s climax, had his own and came.

With their climaxes over, Agumon removed his still hardened manhood from Biyomon’s vagina, rolling to her right side, while Biyomon collapsed onto her stomach, a satisfied smile on her face, before she then moved herself and rested on Agumon’s chest, making him smile at her and to have finally mated with the one he loved.

----Lastly, within Guilmon’s room----

Guilmon and Renamon were on his bed, with the Hazard marked dragon on top of the foxy Digimon, locked in a deep and passionate kiss, loving the feel of the other’s lips against their own, while Renamon was enjoying herself a bit more as Guilmon’s instincts had taken over and his hands were rubbing her breasts, making the vixen Digimon moan in Guilmon’s mouth.

As the pair broke from the kiss, Renamon could feel her pussy quite wet from the excitement and when she looked down, she blushed heavily at the sight of Guilmon’s cock, which had emerged form its protective sheat and was around nine-inches.

‘Oh my, Guilmon is huge!’ Renamon thought lustfully as drool trialed down the left side of her mouth.

“Renamon? Renamon, are you alright?” Guilmon asked, worried he had done something wrong, in which Renamon snapped out of her thoughts and smiled seductively.

“No, Guilmon.” Renamon replied, before she confused the kind hearted Virus Digimon when she pushed him off of her, only to watch as Renamon turned around and got onto all fours and then said in a seductive tone. “But I have done wrong. Spank me.”

“What?” Guilmon questioned.

“Spank me! Spank me like the naughty girl I am!” Renamon called out, which caused Guilmon’s arousal to increase as he did as he was told and began spanking Renamon, making her moan in pain and pleasure.

After several more spanks, Guilmon stopped as he smiled at Renamon, who was smiling back at him, in which she turned so she was lying on her back, her legs spread out, showing Guilmon her wet vagina.

And getting the idea as he was unable to hold back his lust, Guilmon pushed his cock into Renamon's vagina and began to thrust back and forth inside of her, while Renamon wrapped her arms around Guilmon's neck and her legs around his waist, as she moaned loudly from the feeling of Guilmon inside of her.

"Oh, Renamon... Ah... You're so nice and tight... Ah... It's so good... Oh, yeah..!" Guilmon moaned out.

"Ah... This feels incredible... Ah...  Guilmon, you are so deep inside of me...!" Renamon called out in sexual pleasure, in which Guilmon then thrusted as fast and as hard as he could without hurting Renamon, wanting to give her the most pleasure he could, which he did as Renamon screamed in pure erotic pleasure.

For two more hours, their mating continued with as the world soon became dizzied and blurred to the two of them as their thing that mattered in the world were each other and their mating, but soon, both of them were reaching their climaxes, in which Guilmon moaned out. "Renamon... Ah... I can't hold on much longer... Ah... I'm coming... Ah... Oh, Renamon, I'm cumming...!"

Renamon, in the same sexual excited tone, replied. "Me, too, Guilmon... I can't contain myself... Oh, please, Guilmon... Give it to me...!"

Both Renamon's and Guilmon's movements then became frantic as they both reached their final peaks and then, unable to take anymore, Renamon cried out erotically. "Guilmon, I can't... Ah... Oh, Guilmon, I'm cumming...!"

And with one loud erotic scream, Renamon released her cum all over Guilmon's cock, which was enough to send the bearer of the Digital Hazard mark over the edge and cry out in response. "Oh, Renamon... Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"

Guilmon then filled Renamon's womb with his seed, before he fell back onto the bed, along with Renamon, who then wrapped her arms around Guilmon's chest, while his manhood was still inside her, but Guilmon enjoyed the feeling of his cock staying inside her, while Renamon enjoyed the feeling of Guilmon's dick inside her, neither Digimon wanting the feeling to end, before Renamon then said to her mate in a loving tone, as he had satisfied her more than she could ever had imagined. "Thank you for such a wonderful time. I love you, Guilmon."

“I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I love you too, my sexy vixen." Guilmon replied, before they shared another loving kiss.

----End Lemons----

Epilogue: Thanks to Shoutmon and his most intelligent friends, combined with the tech of the timelines, he was able to send the heroic Digimon of each reality back to their proper eras, where they were all greeted by their friends and human partners, who were taken back from their new physical appearances, while the Digidestined were stunned to see Veemon had brought back AquaVeemon with him, but accepted her as a new friend and Veemon’s mate.

And just like their human partners, each Digidestined and Tamer soon fell in love.

Tai and Sora wound up after she and Matt broke up, deciding it was better o be friends, before he soon started dating Jun, who wasn’t all that bad after she stopped with the fan-girl act.

TK and Kari wound up as they had known each other just as long as Patamon and Gatomon, which hurt Davis a little, but he just wanted Kari to be happy,even if that mean not being his girlfriend.

Seeing Guilmon and Renamon together gave Takato the courage to confess to Rika he cared for her deeply and was surprised when she opened up to him so much, saying she loved him around the time he had saved her from Parisimon’s mind control and from falling to her doom off Locomon.

And after several years, they all got married and had children, who grew up into fine younger Digidestined/Tamers, making their parents very proud.

The end.
A cofanfic I wrote with :iconsupersaiyancrash:
Tagiru and Gumdramon smiled in victory as they had finally defeated Quartzmon, capturing him in Tagiru’s Fusion Loader putting an end to the twisted Digimon’s evil and saving both worlds

“I’ll hold onto this Digi-Egg.” Shoutmon stated, in which Tagiru and Gumdramon were a little surprised to see him in the darkness that was the remains of Quartzmon’s core, his location to rewrite the data of both worlds in his twisted mind.

“Your majesty! Are you feeling okay now?” Gumdramon asked in concern.

“The world is saved thanks to you two.” Mikey suddenly informed his friends in a proud tone, stepping out of the darkness.

“Mikey!” Tagiru could only say.

“No... I guess it’s more like, thanks to everyone.” Mikey corrected as all their friends emerged from the darkness. “Everyone here.”

“The power of the past heroes who leapt through time to come here...” Mikey said, as the Digidestined, Tamers, Legendary Warriors and DATS crew appeared around the heroic duo.

“And the power of Digimon who risked their lives for the fight. The power of our fellow Hunters. Our friends in school and the town, along with our dear families... Yes... It’s because everyone combined their strengths.” Mikey finished saying as everyone Tagiru and Gumdramon had encountered across their adventure were now standing by their side.

“Yeah, it was thanks to everyone’s power!” Tagiru confirmed happily, before announcing to all. “Everyone here!”

With the battle over and peace restored, Tagiru and Gumdramon shook hands, only for the moment to be interrupted as a fierce wind picked up.

“What’s this all of a sudden?” Gumdramon questioned in concern.

“Oh no!” The Old Clock Maker called out, before he explained as Digimon after Digimon were slowly sucked up and pulled away, while the same was happening to the humans. “Now that the Digi-Quartz is destroyed, all worlds are beginning to return to their normal selves! Digimon must be restored to the Digital World, humans must be restored to the Real World and the heroes must be restored to each of their own worlds.”

“The time has come to say goodbye has come.” The old man informed, before he was pulled back to the Real World.

“Gumdramon!” Tagiru called out as he continued to embrace his Digimon partner.

“Tagiru... I’m glad I met you!” Gumdramon replied, knowing their time together would soon be over.

“We became real superstars, didn’t we?” Tagiru asked, already knowing the answer, in which Gumdramon smiled and stated. “Yeah, we’re superstars!”

“We’ll see each other again, right?” Tagiru then asked.

In reply, Gumdramon smiled and told his friend in all his honesty. “Yeah, one day.”

With that said, neither could hold onto the other and were pulled back into their worlds, screaming out their partner’s name as they did.

----In the Digital World, sometime later----

"Shoutmon! Shoutmon, wake up!" Gumdramon called out, shaking his unconscious friend, before he groaned and opened his eyes.

"What happened?" Shoutmon questioned, rubbing his head as he got up, before the memories of the Digimon and humans being thrown around and back to their own worlds caused his eyes to snap open and ask in concern. "Gumdramon, how is everyone?"

"They're fine. Everyone is recovering in you castle, your majesty." Gumdramon reassured, before saying. "But we have a few more 'guests' than we started with."

Shoutmon was unsure of what Gumdramon meant by that until he looked behind the 'X' scarred Digimon and was stunned to see Agumon, Biyomon, Veemon, Gatomon, Patamon, Guilmon and Renamon, all on the ground, unconscious.

"What the? What are they doing here?" Shoutmon asked Gumdramon in confusion, before saying. "I thought the old man said that they'd be sent back to their worlds and timelines."

"Well it looks like something went wrong when the worlds were separating." Gumdramon replied, before he turned his attention to the unconscious Digimon and asked. "So what do we do with them?"

"For now I think it would be best to allow them inside to recover before finding a way to send them to their proper realities. But if they have human friends like us I know they're doing everything possible to get their friends back home." Shoutmon told Gumdramon.

"Right away, your majesty!" Gumdramon replied enthusiastically, slinging Biyomon over his shoulder, while Shoutmon picked up Gatomon, before the pair headed to Shoutmon's castle to gather any Digimon who could assist in carrying their new friends inside.

"Oh, I almost forgot, while you were out I informed her majesty you were back and she wishes to see you." Gumdramon informed.

"Thank you, Gumdramon." Shoutmon said as he and his dragon companion entered the castle of the Digimon King.

----An hour later----

Shoutmon, I think they are waking up." A female voice said as the darkness faded away when Agumon opened his eyes.

Agumon groaned and sat up, rubbing his head.

"Ouch." he said as he looked around to find Biyomon at his side, before the reptile Digimon then looked around and saw Veemon and Patamon waking up besides a still sleeping Gatomon and Guilmon awakening too.

While next to Guilmon was Renamon, who too was out cold.

"What the...? You guys are still here?" Agumon asked in confusion.

"Agumon?" Veemon questioned, before saying. "Wait... I thought we all gone back to our own worlds and timelines."

"You were, but something happened." They all heard Shoutmon say.

Turning around, Agumon, Veemon, Patamon and Guilmon to see Shoutmon sitting on a throne, Gumdramon on his left, while beside the red dragon Digimon was a female Digimon sitting by his side.

The Digimon had a pair of beautiful ruby coloured eyes and a bright yellow crescent moon shaped mark on her forehead.

Large rabbit-like adorned the top of her head and the sides, which were coloured amethyst around the tips.

While her classic rose colured skin complimented the beautiful crimson dress that adorned the rabbit-like Digimon, showing off her petit and slender legs.

"You?" Guilmon said in surprise, expecting to be at Takato's, before the bearer of the Hazard mark asked. "What's going on?"

"I'm afraid something went wrong with the splitting of worlds after Quartzmon was captured and his Data was reverted to a Digi-Egg. I'm not sure why but you were sent into my Digital World instead of yours'." Shoutmon explained.

Hearing this filled the Agumon, Veemon, Patamon and Guilmon with shocke, before Patamon asked in worry. "You mean we're stuck here?"

"I'm afraid so." The female Digimon by Shoutmon's side replied solemnly, before she reassured them. "But please don't despair. We promise to find a way to get you all back home."

"And until then feel free to make yourselves at home." Shoutmon added in a friendly tone, which made the Digimon smile, not only by his generosity and his willingness to help them, but they all knew that their friends back in their realities were doing everything they could to bring them home.

"Thank you, your majesty." Agumon said, bowing in respect, followed by the others, which made the Digimon King smile, before saying. "You're more than welcome. But you don't have to be so formal with me. Just call me Shoutmon."

"And you already know me. The superstar Digimon, Gumdramon!" Gumdramon proudly announced, which sounded a little arrogant, but they all knew the hard work he and Tagiru put in defeating Quartzmon and deserved his title.

"And I'm Lunamon." The female Digimon introduced herself, before saying. "The Queen of the Digital World."

"The Queen of the Digital World?" Guilmon questioned, before he asked in a curious tone. "Shoutmon, does that mean that...?"

In reply, Shoutmon smiled, nodded his head, before saying. "That's right. Lunamon is my mate."

"We first met each other in the Disc Zone where Shoutmon, Mikey and his friends showed up and saved me and my friends when the Zone fell to pieces from the destruction the Bagra Army and Blue Flare caused." Lunamon explained, before she went on. "After we were saved, Shoutmon took such good care of us, espically me. Sharing his Digi-Bytes and protecting me from Blastmon, it was these actions that made me fall for him but I was too scared to say anything."

"But after Bagramon was defeated and Shoutmon became the Digimon King, he used the Code Crown's power to rebuild the Digital World and fix up all the damaged Zones. That's when I decided to show him my courage and strength, by confessing my feelings for him."

"And I'm glad she did." Shoutmon replied, before the Digimon King said. "After getting to know her in the Warrior Zone, I fell for her too, she was smart, caring and beautiful. But being in the middle of a battle against the Bagra Army and AxeKnightmon made it impossible for me to tell Lunamon I loved her as I didn't want her to come with us and wind up injured or worse."

"When the Bagramon, his army and AxeKnightmon were all defeated, we eventually met up in the Disc Zone he had repaired where we revealed our love to each other, before he claimed me as his mate and queen." Lunamon said, looking at her king lovingly as she did.

After ending their tale of love, all were interrupted as they heard moaning, in which they turned to see Biyomon, Gatomon and Renamon getting up.

As the three females were being helped to their feet, Biyomon asked. “Agumon, what’s going on? Where’s everyone? Where’s Sora? Wait, where are we?”

“We’re in Shoutmon’s Digital World.” Agumon replied, which only caused Biyomon to further question. ”What? Why?”

“We’re not too sure but as Shoutmon told your friends, something went wrong when the worlds were separating and you were put in ours’ by mistake.” Gumdramon interrupted and explained, which, upon hearing the news made Biyomon lower her head as she started to cry.

“Sora... Our friends... Our home...” Biyomon said lowly, her heart breaking to pieces, but that was stopped when she felt a pleasant warmth around her, in which the avian Digimon looked up and was surprised to see the source was Agumon comforting her in a hug.

“Don’t cry, Biyomon. Shoutmon said he’ll find a way to send us home and I have faith in him, just like I have faith in our friends and in you.” Agumon told her reassuringly.

“Thank you, Agumon.” Biyomon said as a small smile appeared on her face.

‘Agumon always knows what to say.’ Biyomon thought to herself happily, happy to be with him, however, as they both shared their embrace a strange warm feeling filled them both.

Unsure what they were feleling, Agumon and Biyomon broke from the hug, only for the feeling to fade away, confusing them as to what they had experienced, while Shoutmon and Lunamon smiled, knowing all too well that Agumon and Biyomon were in love but unsure of their feelings.

As this played out, Gatomon had been helped up by Veemon and Patamon, while Guilmon helped Renamon to her feet, before both were briefed about them being sent to the wrong world, but were in good hands with the Digimon King, his queen and the superstar dragon Digimon.

Several days had passed since the Digimon of Odaiba and Shinjuku had been sent to the Digital World of Koto, but now they were feeling at lot better and more welcomed.

Currently, Veemon and Gumdramon were walking down one of the corridor', talking about their lives and friends.

"So what's your human partner like?" Gumdramon asked curiously.

"Davis? Well, he's a great guy and the leader of my team. He can be a bit thoughtless but what he lacks in brain he makes up for in courage, which is the main reason he became my partner." Veemon replied.

Hearing this confused Gumdramon and made him ask. "What do you mean by that?"

"In my Digital World I, along with Armadillomon and Hawkmon were sealed under Digi-Eggs to wait for our human partners to find us and free us so we could help save the world." Veemon told Gumdramon.

"Why?" Gumdramon asked.

"Why what?" Veemon asked back.

"Why were you sealed under a Digi-Egg? Shouldn't you have just hatched from one?" Gumdramon questioned Veemon curiously.

"To be honest I don't know. I have no memory before Davis freeing me, I don't if I had a family, friends, I don't remember anything." Veemon said, somewhat saddened, before he smiled and said. "But the past is the past and I like to focus on what I have."

"Well if you ask me you and I are alike." Gumdramon then said, intriguing Veemon and making the 'V' marked Digimon ask. "You think so?"

"Yeah! For starters we're both dragon Digimon." Gumdramon replied, before pointing to his scar and stated. "We both have cool marks on our heads and we can kick some serious bad guy butt!"

"Maybe you're my cousin or something?" Gumdramon theorised, which made Veemon smile at Gumdramon's enthusiasm.

"Maybe." Veemon replied cheerfully.

With that said, both Digimon laughed for a moment before parting ways, in which Veemon headed outside, where he saw Gatomon staring at the beautiful view before her.

However, He quickly hid behind the wall as he saw Patamon was there too.

"So what would happen to us now?" Gatomon asked Patamon.

"Well, as long as TK and Kari are worried about us, they'll find a way to get us back." Patamon replied in a reassuring tone.

"True." Gatomon said, knowing Kari and the others were doing all they could to help, before the feline Digimon then sighed and looked out of the balcony.

"Hey, Gatomon are you ok?" Patamon asked.

"We've through a lot together haven't we? But it was thanks to you and your friends, I would've have remained with that freak, Myostimon" Gatomon said, before she went on. "And you been so kind to me ever since we got together for a few travels."

"I know... We are a lot closer together." Patamon replied,before he asked curiously. "But what about Veemon?"

"Veemon? He is a good friend but not my type." Gatomon replied, before the Digimon of Light said. "I mean he is a nice Digimon but we've been together more than he has with me."

Veemon could feel his heart breaking; his feelings for Gatomon could never be returned, hearing that she does not have the same feelings he did.

"Patamon, promise me you stay with me till the end?" Gatomon asked.

"I promise." Patamon replied in an honest tone.

With his promise, Gatomon smiled before she then kissed Patamon on the lips, which surprised him for a moment before the Digimon of Hope closed his eyes and returned the kiss.

"I love you." Gatomon said to Patamon.

"I Love you too." Patamon said before Gatomon kissed him again.

With those words, Veemon’s heart completely shattered, in which he was unable to take anymore, turned away from the wall and ran off in tears.

----In the forest, just outside the borders of the Forest Zone----

Tears trailed down Veemon's face as he sat on a stump of an old log.

'Gatomon. The Digimon I love... I... I can't believe it.' Veemon thought sadly as he continued to cry.

But Veemon was broken from his depression as he heard an unknown female voice call out in the distance for help,in which the Digimon of Courage and Friendship shot off and ran deeper into the forest as his role as a hero took over, determined to save whoever it was that needed his help.

"Please stop..." The female Digimon begged as five Woodmon surrounded her, all of them beating her senselessly, and from the looks on their wicked faces, were enjoying it.

"Sorry girly, but you entered our forest without permission." One of the Woodmon replied, before he rose his arm, ready to strike her, and stated. "Now you must pay."

"Hey! Leave her alone!" The Woodmon heard Veemon shout out, in which they turned to see him with a look of determination and disgust from their horrid actions.

"Stay out of this, runt, if you know what's good for ya." The Woodmon leader, who had several scars on his body, told Veemon, who was unfazed by his threat and replied as he clenched his fists, ready for a fight. "And if you know what's good for you, you'll do as I say and leave."

Seeing Veemon in his fighting stance caused the Woodmon leader to start laughing at him, followed by his minions.

"Oh, please. What can a weak little Rookie like you do?" The Woodmon leader asked mockingly, in which he received his answer when Veemon shot forward at the Woodmon leader and and shouted out. "Vee Headbutt!"

Veemon then slammed his head directly into the Woodmon's face, knocking him to the ground and cracking several small chunks of dead wood off of his face, causing the other Woodmon to call out in concern. "Boss!"

"Why you little pest..." The Woodmon leader began to say in anger, before he commanded in aggression. "What are you waiting for, boys? Crush him!"

"Right" Woodmon's minions replied loyally, before charging at Veemon.

"Branch Drill!" One of the Woodmon exclaimed, before his arms extended and he tried to smash Veemon,only for the Rookie Level Digimon to jump bak and avoid the attack.

As the Woodmon and Veemon continued to battle, with Veemon getting in some good hits and headbutts and the Woodmon smacking him around with their thick limbs, scracthing him up and bruising the 'V' marked Digimon, the female Digimon watched in amazement as to how strong Veemon was.

'He's doing all this for me?' She thought, amazed that someone had come to her aid.

"What's with this guy?" One of the Woodmon asked his comrades, before Veemon Veemon delivered a painful right hook to his face.

"I don't know. A Rookie shouldn't be this strong." Another replied in worry.

"I'm no ordinary Rookie." Veemon told the Woodmon, before demanding as he pointed to the female Digimon, who was hidden from his sight by the Woodmon leader. "Now let her go and we can all leave happy."

The Woodmon were about to reply, but before they could they were all encircled in a yellow, causing them to turn around to see their leader holding up his arms.

"Boss, what are you doing? The Rookie said he'd stop if let the girl go." One of the Woodmon asked in a worried tone, in which the Woodmon leader replied. "What I should've done in the first place."

Veemon watched as the Woodmon broke into pieces of Data, before the Woodmon leader absorbed them, in which he was then engulfed in energy, before growing to an immense size.

And when the light died down, no Woodmon were left, but now stood a new enemy, the Ultimae Level Digimon, Cherrymon.

"If you want something done right, don't get saps to do it." Cherrymon said.

Cherrymon then pulled some of the fruit growing from his head and threw them at Veemon, causing them to explode as they made contact with the ground and made the dragon Digimon scream out in pain from the blast, as he was knocked back and badly injured.

However, Cherrymon was not though with Veemon.

As Veemon tried to get up, Cherrymon's vines suddenly erupted from the ground and wrapped around Veemon tightly, restraining him, before Cherrymon brought his victim close to his face and smiled in amusement as the vines tightened around Veemon, making him scream out from the pain.

"This will teach ya to mess with me, Rookie!" Cherrymon told Veemon as he continued to crush the Digimon of Courage and Friendship, making him scream out louder.

But before Cherrymon could finish off Veemon, he heard two voices exclaim.

"Pepper Breath!"

"Pyro Sphere!"

Three fireballs exploded upon hitting Cherrymon's face, causing him to groan out from the burning and release Veemon from his hold, who managed to land on his feet and turn to see Agumon, Biyomon, Guilmon and Renamon now on the battle field.

"Ugh! You Rookies keep popping up like Roachmon! I'll just have to crush you all!" Cherrymon stated furiously, before throwing more explosive fruit at his enemies.

While Agumon and Guilmon jumped out of the way and Biyomon took to the skies, Renamon used her impressive speed to rush over to Veemon, pick up her comrade and jump away from the onslaught of Cherrymon's cherry bombs.

"Veemon, are you alright?" Renamon asked as she placed Veemon gently on the ground, in reply, Veemon smiled and nodded, making her smile back.

However, with her back turned, a wicked smile appeared across Cherrymon's face, seeing an opening to strike Renamon from behind, in which Cherrymon unleashed more of his vines, planning to impale the foxy Digimon.

"Renamon!" Guilmon shouted in concern, getting her attention, in which she turned and was shocked to see Guilmon suddenly rush in front of her, his arms spread out in a manner showing he was protecting her, causing Cherrymon to change the target of his attack to the kind hearted Virus Type.

The vines then wrapped around Guilmon and pulled the bearer of the Hazard mark over to Cherrymon, who held him closely, using him as a living shield.

Renamon was about to rush over and save him, however, Cherrymon's vines crushed Guilmon and made him scream out from the pain, before the Ultimate Level Digimon pulled out a handful of his deadly fruit and called out. "Not so fast, foxy!

"One more step and your little mate gets a mouthful. And trust me, if he eats my fruit, it'll do more than give him a stomach ache." Cherrymon told his enemies, who all stopped, knowing Cherrmon's fruit was quite toxic and would poison and destroy Guilmon from the inside out.

"Don't worry about me, guys... Renamon... Save yourself...!" Guilmon managed to say, only to be squeezed by Cherrymon's vines again and more pain to inflict his body, as he was unable to hold his screams back.

"Guilmon!" Renamon yelled out in concern, seeing her friend in pain and willing to sacrifice himself for her filled the vixen Digimon with mixed feelings towards Guilmon.

"Shut it, brat!" Cherrymon shouted at Guilmon, annoyed by all their interference, just to help a Digimon they had never met before.

And he was pushed further into rage as a voice exclaimed 'Fiery Fastball!", shooting Cherrymon with another destructive blast of fire, making him stumble backwards.

"Who dares attack me!" Cherrymon shouted in fury as a portion of his face now had a painful looking burn mark.

"I dare." A familiar voice to all those in the Digital World replied, in which everyone turned to see Shoutmon, his eyes burning with a desire to fight.

"Your... Your majesty..." Cherrymon stuttered out fearfully, before he released Guilmon, and tried to explain. "I... I was just..."

"Save it, you overgrown fruit salad!" Shoutmon interrupted as he pulled out his mic.

"You mess with my friends, you mess with the King!" Shoutmon exclaimed as he shot forward and struck Cherrymon.

----Moments later----

With the arrival of Shoutmon, the battle was cut short, and now Cherrymon was down and out, completely knocked out from Shoutmon's beat down, while Veemon and Guilmon were a little worse for ware, but they both had suffered worse and would survive.

Renamon knelt beside Guilmon's side, looking very worried and scared.

"Guilmon, are you ok?" she asked, very close to tears.

"I think so." Guilmon replied, before saying as a smile appeared on his face. "I'm just glad you're safe."

With that said, Guilmon fell unconscious, while after hearing Guilmon’s words surprised Renamon a little, but then again Guilmon was always there for her, not to mention he'd try to protect those he cared about, even if it was at the risk of his own life.

Meanwhile, as Agumon and Shoutmon checked on Veemon, the 'V' marked Digimon explained how he had gone off to be alone after accidentally hearing Gatomon and Patamon say they loved each other, not to mention her kissing the Digimon of Hope, before hearing the female Digimon call for help, which then caused the 'V' marked Digimon to shoot up and ask in worry. "Wait! Is she ok?"

"She's unconscious, but she should be fine." Biyomon informed Veemon, before saying. "But there is something about her."

Hearing that perked up Veemon's curiosity, causing him to ask. "What is it?"

"See for yourself." Biyomon replied as she escorted her friend to the Digimon he had saved, which upon seeing her made Veemon freeze, as lying before him was a Digimon that looked almost like him, except for a few differences.

The Digimon in question had bright green spikes from the bottom of her back, up to the top of her neck.

Her skin was blue like Veemon's, but was more on the lines of a mixture of violet and blue.

In short, she looked like a female version of Veemon, leaving Veemon speechless, not only from the fact he though he was the last of his kind, but there, before him was a creature that was captivating him by her beauty.

But snapping out of his stupor, Veemon gently picked the female Veemon up bridal style and carried her back to Shoutmon's castle for proper treatment for her injuries.

----Sometime later, back at Shoutmon’s castle----

The female Veemon slowly came to as she had just had a wonderful dream.

She was all alone in the forest, searching for the Digimon King's castle, but was ambushed by some Digimon thugs who beat her senseless, that was until a mysterious, brave and handsome Veemon stepped out and fought for her.

And as she opened her eyes, revealing they were a beautiful dark spring green colour, a blush spread across her face as she was no longer in the vast wilderness, but instead was in a nice warm bed and the very same Veemon who fought to protect her was at the end of the bed, his head resting on the mattress as he was sound asleep, her knight in shining blue armour.

'It's him!’ She thought, as it turned out this was no dream.

"Well, it's good to see you're finally awake." The female Veemon heard a voice say, in which she looked forwards to see a Gatomon walk up to her.

"Don't worry, you're safe." Gatomon reassured the female Veemon, as she sat up and let out a small groan.

"How's your body?" Gatomon asked.

"It hurts but not as much as before." She replied, in which Gatomon told the Veemon look-a-like. "Well, Cutemon did his best to heal you up. I'm guessing if Veemon hadn't stuck his neck out for you, you would've been deleted."

"Speaking of him, why is he sleeping at the end of the bed?" The female doppleganger asked.

In reply, Gatomon smiled and told her reassuringly. "Don't worry. Veemon's pretty tough. He just fell asleep while watching over you."

Hearing this caused her to ask. "You mean he's been by my side the whole time I was unconscious?"

"That's Veemon for you. After he came in here with you in his arms and told us about his fight, he promised that he'd watch over you until you felt better." Gatomon replied, before saying. "But I see the fight took more out of him then he let on."

"Is he alright?" She asked Gatomon, who nodded in reply and said. "Yeah, Veemon is a bit thickheaded, but he's pretty tough."

'And quite handsome.' The female Veemon thought to herself as a small blush spread across her face.

"So who are you and what's your name?" Gatomon then asked, a little embarrassed she had to.

"AquaVeemon." The Digimon now known as AquaVeemon replied.

Upon hearing her reply, Gatomon was awestruck and had to ask. "AquaVeemon? You're from the same species as Veemon?"

"Yes I was. In fact, if he is a Veemon, then I could need his help" AquaVeemon replied, staring at Veemon's sleeping form.

"What do you mean by that?" Gatomon asked curiously.

"I wasn't always alone. I came from a Zone called the V Zone, where Veemon of all Types lived peacefully, I had a loving family, many friends and no worries." AquaVeemon explained, before she told Gatomon as her expression and voice saddened. "That was until the day the Bagra Army and Tactimon showed up, demanding our power. He knew of the legendary Veemon who protected the Digital World from chaos ages ago before being sealed in a DigiCard when the Digital World's core shattered and wanted us to join him, but we refused as we didn't want to be associated with the Bagra Army in any way. In response Tactimon launched a full scale attack on the V Zone, destroying everyone and everything, including my parents. My dad and mum told me to run as far as I could and not to look back as they would hold off the Bagra Army as best they could before they told me they loved me and I ran."

"After the fight was over, I returned to the V Zone to see everything was gone, I was all alone." AquaVeemon told Gatomon, before she started to cry as the memories of her nightmarish past entered her mind, before she continued. "I then spent my time traveling through the Digital World, hoping to find any Veemon who survived the attack, but no matter where I looked I was always alone. That's when I went to seek out the Digimon King in the hopes he could help me with my search, but before I could reach his castle those Woodmon attacked me and he saved my life."

"That's terrible." Gatomon said sadly.

"I'll be fine" AquaVeemon said as she got out of bed, but then she groaned in pain and grabbed her right shoulder.

"Are you alright?" Gatomon asked in concern.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." AquaVeemon replied as she and Gatomon left Veemon's bedroom and met up with Biyomon.

"Well, Mervamon said she knows the location of a hot spring nearby that could help us." Biyomon said, before asking. "Should we trust her?"

"Lunamon knows her and says they're friends. So I trust her." Gatomon replied, believing in their friendship, before the feline Digimon turned to AquaVeemon and asked. "AquaVeemon, why not come with us? I bet the spring water will help heal you too."

"Sure." AquaVeemon replied as she smiled.

----A while later----

Mervamon turned to Lunamon, Biyomon and AquaVeemon who was walking behind them.

"Where's the other two?" Mervamon asked.

"Come on! Stop worrying about Guilmon, he'll be fine. You need to rest too." Gatomon insisted as she dragged Renamon across the floor by her tail.

"Let me go!" Renamon urged.

"Ahem. Renamon, you need your rest. You haven't slept sometime now. The spring would do you good" Mervamon told her. "And don't worry, Beelzemon told me he'd keep an eye on your mate."

Renamon blushed a little from being called Guilmon's mate.

But before she could reply and correct Mervamon, the Mega Level Digimon told her friends. "Now off we go. Trust me these hot springs are great, they made me the Digimon I am today."

"Alright." They agreed.

As they began to leave the castle of the Digimon King, following Mervamon, none of them noticed the sly smile on her face.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Warning: This story involves a Digimon Lemon. (So skip past that part if need be)

----Age of characters----

Takuya Kanbara: Age 16
Shinya Kanbara: Age 12, turning 13
Zoe Orimoto: Age 17
JP Shibayama: Age 17
Koji Minamoto: Age 16
Koichi Kimura: Age 16
Tommy Himi: Age 13
September 9th, the day that not only signified the birth of Shinya Kanbara, but also the day Takuya Kanbara had received the call from an unknown friend who had not only changed his life, but the lives of Zoe Orimoto, Tommy Himi, JP Shibayama, Koji Minamoto and, in time, Koji’s twin brother, Koichi Kimura, by inviting them to the Digital World where they not only learnt about Digimon and the Digital World, but also about courage, inner strength and friendship, becoming great friends in the end, while Takuya and Zoe became more than friends, give or take a month or two for them to work up the courage to say that they loved the other.

That’s right; Takuya and Zoe had become boyfriend and girlfriend.

However, all was not well with the leader of the Legendary Warriors.

Currently, dusk was approaching and Takuya was walking down the streets, his head lowered as he groaned to himself. ‘I can’t... I can’t believe this. It’s happening so soon.’

“Takuya?” A familiar female voice called out to him, in which Takuya turned around to see Zoe and his friends running up to him.

“Hey, Takuya where are you going, isn’t today Shinya’s Birthday?” Zoe asked, confused as to why Takuya wasn’t at home with his family.

“Yeah. And I thought you told us you were sick.” Koji added, heightening their curiosity and confusion as to what was going on with their friend.

And the confusion was heightened when all of a sudden Takuya turned and began to run away from them, in which they all followed, knowing that the former Warrior of Flame was hiding something.

“When did Takuya get so fast?” JP panted out as they continued to peruse Takuya, determined to find out what was going on with their friend.

After several more minutes, they watched as Takuya quickly took off from the streets and down an alleyway, which stopped him in his tracks, as a locked chain link fence blocked his path.

Carefully, Zoe and the others slowly approached Takuya, concerned for why he was running away from them and wanted to help him with whatever problems he was facing.

“Takuya, are you alright?” Koichi asked.

“Yeah, if there’s anything wrong you can talk to us we’re your friends.” Tommy happily added.

But Takuya didn’t reply, instead he turned to face the chain link fence again, before he left his friend’s in stunned silence as he jumped over it with ease.

‘I’m sorry. But this is something I cannot share with you.’ Takuya thought solemnly, placing his left hand on the fence.

“Takyua... Please...” Zoe called out to her boyfriend as she place her hand on the fence and onto Takuya’s.

But her plea for him to stay was for naught as he broke off and ran away.

“Why? Why is Takuya avoiding us?” Zoe asked as she slowly began to cry.

“I don’t know but maybe his parents do.” Koji replied, before taking the lead role in Takuya’s absence and saying. “Let’s go speak with them.”

“No.” Zoe suddenly said, wiping the tears from her eyes, before stating. “I’ll go myself.”

----Sometime later----

Within the Kanbara household, Yuriko kanbara was busy in the kitchen, finishing the final touches for Shinya’s Birthday cake.

Hiroaki was on the couch his son, playing one of the new video games the Birthday boy had received, however, there was a great part of Shinya that wanted to play his games with his big brother.

As Yuriko placed the 13 candles on the cake, the doorbell rang, in which Mrs. Kanbara called out from the kitchen. “Could one of you please get the door?”

In response, Shinya paused his game, placed the controller on the floor and approached the front door and opened it to see Zoe standing outside.

“Hey Zoe. It’s nice to see you.” Shinya said.

In reply, Zoe smiled and said, before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a pair of goggles similar to Takuya’s. “And it’s nice to see you too, Shinya. Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you, Zoe.” Shinya happily replied, before hugging her, making the former wilder of the Spirits of Wind smile as she hugged him back.

But after breaking from the hug, Shinya couldn’t help but ask, knowing something was up. “Zoe is there any other reason why you doing here?”

“It’s about Takuya. I was wondering if I could speak to your parents about him?” Zoe asked in reply.

In response to Zoe’s request, Shinya moved aside and allowed Zoe inside, in which he called out. “Hey, mum, dad. Zoe’s here and she’d like to speak with you.”

“About what Shinya’s father asked curiously as Zoe approached Mr. and Mrs. Kanbara, before she replied. “About Takuya.”

Hearing her ask about their older son caused them to freeze up, as if his name was taboo, before Yuriko asked. “What about my boy?”

“Well, Takuya told us he was sick and couldn’t see us, but we ran into him earlier today. And when we tried to talk to him he ran away. He even jumped a chain link fence to get away from us. And I was just hoping you knew what was going on with him?” Zoe replied in curiosity, before asking in concern. “Is he alright?”

Hiroki and Yuriko looked at one another for a moment, before Mr. Kanbara told Zoe. “Ever since Takuya turned 13, he goes through certain ‘changes’.”

“What kind of changes?” Zoe asked, knowing about puberty, but this was something else.

However, Hiroki only replied in a reassuring tone. “It’s nothing to worry about, Zoe. Takuya will be back tomorrow and right as rain.”

But still Zoe was concerned for her boyfriend and questioned. “Where is he now?”

Hiroki’s expression turned serious as he then told Zoe, placing his hand on her back and escorting her to the front door. “I’m afraid I cannot say for his wellbeing and your own. Goodnight.”

Feeling defeated, Zoe was about to leave the Kanbara household, that was until she heard her name being whispered, in which the former Legendary Warrior of Wind turned to see Shinya, now wearing the goggles Zoe had given him, making a motion to come into his room, which she did.

“I can help you. I know where Takuya is.” Shinya told Zoe, who was overjoyed to hear that before the former Legendary Warrior of Wind asked. “Where? And why are your parents being so secretive about him?”

“I can explain that too.” Shinya replied.

----Flashback: Around 2 years ago----

Night had fallen upon all of Shinbuya, but within the Kanbara’s home Takuya was lying on his bed, covered in sweat as he was tossing and turning, groaning out as he could feel something stirring up inside him.

“Takuya? Takuya, what’s wrong?” Takuya heard his mother soon call out from his bedroom, before she opened the door, only for her to scream.

“Yuriko!” Hiroaki called out in worry as he quickly approached Takuya’s room and found out why his wife was screaming.

Within Takuya’s room was a strange creature, with shaggy alloy orange hair, a flame shaped tail, green eyes and camel coloured skin that had unusual markings on his chest, arms and feet, who was shielding his head with his arms as Yuriko was attacking the creature with a pillow.

“You monster! What have you done with my son?” Yuriko demanded as she continued to swing the pillow at the unknown intruder.

“Mum, stop!” He called out, before saying. “It’s me.”

Hearing her son’s voice caused Yuriko to stop her attack and ask in confusion. “Takuya?”

“It can’t be.” Hiroaki said, before questioning. “How is this possible?”

“I can explain that.” A female voice replied, which confused Takuya’s parents as to who it was or where it was coming from, but was immediately recognized by the creature that claimed to be Takuya.

Quickly, Takuya rummaged through his belongings until he pulled out his cell phone, in which Takuya’s father asked. “Who are you and how do you know about my son?”

“My name is Ophanimon. And I know Takuya as he was one chosen as a Legendary Warrior to help save the Digital World.” Ophanimon replied, only confusing Takuya’s parents further from the talk about this ‘Digital World’.

Ophnimon then explained how she had called Takuya, along others, to see if they were able to help her save her world, the Digital World, from the evils of Cherubimon, Lucemon and all the other Digimon corrupted by their evil influence, which is how Takuya met and befriended Zoe, JP, Tommy, Koji and Koichi and became a better person in the process of their adventure.

After hearing Ophanimon’s tales of Takuya and his adventures, Hiroaki and Yuriko were both astounded and proud of what their son had accomplished, however, there was still the matter of Takuya’s current form, in which his mother asked. “These are truly amazing story’s. But why does my boy look like a Digimon.”

“I theorize that after Takuya’s form is a result of his human DNA being mixed with the Data of Flamemon when he was exposed to the Real World. And as for his ‘condition’, his Digimon side is trying to take over as he’s reaching an age where a male Digimon would claim a female as his.” Ophanimon explained, leaving Takuya’s parents stunned at what they had heard, all the while none were aware that Shinya had heard the conversation.

----End flashback----

“...And that’s all I heard.” Shinya said, which left Zoe speechless for a moment upon hearing that her boyfriend had been transforming into a Digimon for the last 2 years.

“But I still don’t understand.” Zoe said, before she asked. “Why would Takuya not tell us about this?”

“Ophanimon said that Takuya might have difficulty revealing such a burden to those close to him, not to mention something about his Digimon form going into heat.” Shinya replied.

“Takuya goes into heat?” Zoe asked.

In reply Shinya nodded, before saying. “I’m not to sure what going into heat means, but Ophanimon said his heat would be relieved if he were to either rid himself of his urges or mate.”

“Thank you for telling me this, Shinya.” Zoe said, making Shinya smile as he was glad to see Zoe happy, Shinya liked Zoe, but not in the same way that Takuya did.

Shinya liked Zoe as a friend and knew she was one of the main reasons Takuya had changed to a considerate and selfless big brother.

“You’re welcome.” Shinya replied, before he told the former Wielder of the Spirits of Wind. “And as for where Takuya is hiding, he told me just in case he needed us. But I know you can help him.”

‘I promise you and Takuya I’ll try.’ Zoe thought in a determined tone, unsure of what tonight would have in store for her.

----With Zoe: Sometime later----

Running as fast as she could, Zoe was traversing through the darkness of the night, heading to the location of Takuya.

From what Shinya had told her, Takuya had hidden himself away from the rest of the world in a secluded region just outside one of the parks of Shinbuya, in a forested area, where he could embrace his inner Digmon and satisfy his urges, without being caught.

As Zoe ventured deeper within the woodlands, she could hear the faint sounds of her boyfriend groaning out in the distance, which she followed, until the former Legendary Warrior of Wind stopped as a blush appeared across her face.

She had found Takuya, but she could see he had undergone his transformation from human to Digimon, a Digimon known as Flamemon.

But the reason Zoe was blushing was the fact that Flamemon had relieved himself of Takuya’s clothing, as well as his own, leaving him completely naked, was that he was lying against a tree, relieving himself.

All Zoe could do was watch, part of her wanted to leave Takuya alone and another part wanted to help him anyway she could, but before she could make up her mind, Flamemon groaned out Zoe’s name as he came, before he rested against the tree and began to breath heavily.

‘He’s thinking about me?’ Zoe thought to herself, before she continued to watch her boyfriend resting.

After Flamemon had gotten his breath back, he looked down to see that his manhood was still hard, causing him to groan out in frustration as he had been relieving himself for ages and it still wasn’t enough.

“Aw man. How much longer until I can sleep and this can be over?” Flamemon asked himself out loud in frustration.

However, Flamemon stopped his own thoughts and agenda as he picked up a scent in the air, which he recognized as a female’s, but not just any female.

“Zoe?” Flamemon questioned, before asking in a confused and concerned tone. “What are doing out and how’d you find me?”

Zoe slowly approached her boyfriend and replied. “Shinya told me everything. About your transformation, your urges, everything and I came to help.”

“Zoe.” Flamemon could only say, before he suddenly leapt forward, grabbing onto Zoe’s shoulders, and pushed her onto the ground, pouncing on top of her.

As Zoe remained pinned on her back, the former Legendary Warrior of Wind looked into Flamemon’s eyes and could see a longing desire for her.

Flamemon then showed his lust for Zoe as he moved his head down and started to lick the right side of Zoe’s neck, unable to do anything but moan out Takuya’s name.

Hearing his human name caused Flamemon’s eyes to widen at the realization to what he was doing and quickly released his hold over Zoe, before he backed away from her.

“I... I’m sorry, Zoe. This is why I didn’t want you to find out about my Digimon form.” Flamemon told Zoe apologetically, before he said solemnly as he lowered his head. “Please leave before my instincts take me over again and I do something I regret that winds up with you hating me.”

But to Takuya’s surprise and confusion, he felt Zoe place her hand on his left shoulder, in which he looked up at his girlfriend to see her smiling warmly at him, before she told him in all her honesty. “Oh, Takuya, I could never hate you. I love you.”

“I love you too, Zoe.” Flamemon replied, his tone equal with the same love Zoe held for him.

“And remember, I said I came to help.” Zoe told her boyfriend, before she threw off her hat and jacket and then stated in a lustful tone. “And when I said help I meant anyway I could.”

“You mean you want to...” Flamemon began to say, but was cut off as Zoe pressed her lips against his in a passionate and loving kiss, causing his eyes to widen in surprise, before he soon closed them and kissed Zoe back.

----Upcoming Lemon----

After breaking from the kiss, Flamemon and Zoe looked deeply into each other’s eyes, seeing the love and desire they held for each other, before Zoe removed her top, revealing she was wearing a white coloured bra, arousing Flamemon, who then gently lowered Zoe onto her back and again began to lick and kiss her neck, causing the former Legendary Warrior of Wind to moan in pleasure.

Soon, Flamemon began to kiss and lick his way down to Zoe’s chest, taking a moment to stare at her covered C-cup breasts, before his instincts took over and he used his fangs to tear through the fabric and reveal all of her body to him, including her hardening nipples, as his dominance was turning her on a little.

Zoe then moaned out loudly as Flamemon then began to massage her right breast with his left hand while he moved his head down to her left breast and began lick Zoe's breast and nipple.

"Oh, Takuya... Oh, that tickles... Ah... It feel so... Ah... Feels so good...!" Zoe moaned out in pleasure.

And Zoe’s pleasure was only heightened as she felt Flamemon’s tail go down the front of her skirt and then started to move in and out of her pussy.

“Takuya!” Zoe gasped as she arched her back in pleasure, while Flamemon held her down and he continued to massage her breats and lick her nipple, switching every so often, until the former Wielder of the Spirits of Wind was unable to contain her excitement and, with a cry of pleasure, released her sexual fluids over Flamemon’s tail and in her panties, leaving a fairly large stain on the front of her shorts.

After Zoe came, Flamemon removed his tail from Zoe’s panties and asked. "You like that Zoe?"

In reply, Zoe smiled and nodded before she told her love. “Yes, Takuya. That was amazing.”

Flamemon was glad to hear that, before Zoe smiled slyly and suddenly moved Flamemon into a sitting position, where she got a good look at his eight-inch member.

“Oh, Takuya, your cock is so big. And I think it’s only fair I made you feel as good as you did for me.” Zoe told Flamemon in a seductive tone, before she lowered herself until he was face to face with Flamemon’s cock, began to gently place soft kisses around the tip, causing him to groan out, before Zoe then took all of Flamemon’s member into her mouth and began to suck him off.

Flamemon moaned and groaned in pleasure, enjoying the sensation of Zoe’s blowjob as her tongue swirled around his shaft, while Zoe mentally smiled as she could tell that she was doing a good job satisfying Takuya’s urges.

But soon, Flamemon was unable to contain himself and with loud groan, he came, filling Zoe’s mouth with his cum.

After taking his load, Zoe licked her lips and asked. "So did you like that Takuya?"

All Flamemon could do was nod in reply; pleasing Zoe that she had pleased him so well, before he grabbed Zoe’s hips and repositioned them so she was back on the ground and he was on top of her again, relieving her of her shoes, socks, skirt and panties in the process, leaving them both completely naked.

Flamemon looked into Zoe’s eyes, as if asking 'Are you ready', in which Zoe smiled gently and nodded in reply as she spread out her legs.

Seeing Zoe was ready, Flamemon then slowly inserted his member into Zoe’s threshold, causing her to moan out, until he stopped as he had reached Zoe’s hymen.

Zoe could see the worry on Flamemon’s face and reassured him. “It’s alright, Takuya. Please, take me.”

It was then Flamemon thrust his manhood forward, breaking Zoe’s hymen and causing her to let out a sharp gasp of pain as tears trailed down her face.

Seeing Zoe in pain filled Flamemon with empathy and guilt towards her suffering as he began to gently lick her tears away, before Zoe stopped crying and told him "T... Takuya, It’s ok... It only hurts the first time...”

After getting used to the feel of Flamemon inside her, Flamemon began to thrust his member inside and back out of Zoe's vagina, both of them soon moaning and groaning out in pleasure.

"Zoe... You’re so... Ah... Tight... Ah... It's great...!" Flamemon groaned out as he could feel Zoe’s threshold allow him to easily access her, but pleasurably clamp down as he would remove his cock, with the pure wet and silkiness of Zoe's pussy, the pleasure that Flamemon was feeling was incredible.

"Oh, Takuya... Ah... You are so deep inside me... That’s so good...!" Zoe exclaimed in erotic pleasure as Flamemon continued to thrust in and out of her.

Flamemon and Zoe continued to mate for half-an-hour, before Flamon’s instincts and urges took him over completely, making him slow down for a moment as to allow him to reposition Zoe so she was on all fours, and then he began to thrust into her threshold again, their moaning turning louder then before as their mating intensified.

Both human and Digimon were in a world of pleasure, neither wanting the night to end, however, Flamemon could feel Zoe’s vagina walls clamping down harder and harder on his cock, showing that she was close to her release, in which Zoe cried out in ecstasy. "Ta... Takuya... I'm going to... Ah... I'm going to cum soon... I'm cumming ... OH, TAKUYA!!!"

As Zoe screamed out Takuya’s name, she then released her cum all over Flamemon’s manhood, which sent him over the edge and made him groan out Zoe’s name loudly as he filled her womb with his seed, but even though they didn’t use protection, luckily for them Digimon and human DNA/Data were incompatible to reproduce.

After removing his member from Zoe’s pussy, Flamemon fell on his back and began to breath heavily, before he smiled as Zoe crawl up to him and rested her head on his chest.

“Thank you, Zoe. I love you.” Flamemon said breathlessly.

“And I love you too, Takuya.” Zoe replied lovingly as she felt Flamemon’s chest slowly rising and lowering.

At first Zoe thought that Takuya was trying to catch his breath after their first time, but when she looked down, the former Legendary Warrior of Wind could see that Takuya’s manhood was still hard and his chest heaving was an indication he was still in heat.

Zoe wanted to help Takuya but her body was still recovering from their mating, until an idea popped into her head.

“Takuya, mark me.” Zoe said.

“What!?” Flamemon questioned in shock, before pointing out. “But Zoe if I mark you, you’ll wind up like me, minus the Digimon look.”

“I know and I still want you to do it. I love you and will go through anything, good or bad, with you. Please, Takuya, mark me." Zoe told Flamemon in a heartfelt reply.

Flamemon was amazed that Zoe wanted to be marked, but knew there was no changing her mind.

And, without any second thoughts, Flamemon lowered his head and gently bit into the left side of Zoe’s neck, marking her as his.

After Flamemon moved away from his mate, Zoe then felt a strange sensation through her body, before her body felt very hot and aroused, in which neither of them were able to control themselves, and before they knew it, Zoe was on her back again as Flamemon inserted his cock inside of her vagina again, making them both moan and groan in pleasure.

Both knew that they wouldn’t be getting much sleep that night.

----The next morning: End Lemon----

The sun had risen and Zoe slowly opened her eyes, before a content smile graced her face as she looked to see she was resting on Takuya’s chest, only now he was no longer a Digimon, but was human again.

Zoe gently lowered her head and kissed Takuya on his forehead, causing the former Wielder of the Spirits of Flame to stir a little, before he opened his eyes and was greeted by the beauty of nature and his girlfriend/mate.

“Good morning, Zoe.” Takuya said.

“Good morning, Takuya.” Zoe replied, before she kissed Takuya on his right cheek and told him warmly. “Thank you for last night.”

Takuya and Zoe then shared another loving kiss, but their moment of love was interrupted when Zoe’s cell phone went off, in which she broke from the kiss, reached into her jacket and pulled out her phone.

“Hello?” Zoe asked, before going on. “Oh, hey, Koichi. What’s up?”

After a moment Zoe said, continuing her conversation with Koichi. “Yeah, I found up why Takuya was acting weirdly and we’ll tell you soon.”

“Ok, we’ll see you at Takuya’s around 12. Bye” Zoe then said, ending her conversation with Koichi, before putting her phone aside.

“Why 12? Why not now?” Takuya asked curiously.

“Because last night I mated with you as Digimon. I want make love to you as a human.” Zoe replied in a loving and seductive tone, before she kissed Takuya, who kissed her back.

And soon, the area was filled with the moan, groans and other sounds of their love making, not mating.

The End.
Digimon Frontier: Takuya's Heat
While suspended, I asked a pal of mine if he thought this was a good idea and after confirmation, I wrote this.

I don't own Digimon or any Digimon related media/characters/etc


Dallas Williams
I'm 23 years old.
I'm a video game and Anime fan.

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Favourite game musics: Crash 2: N.Gin, Cortex, Sewers, Tiny
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CapsuleMonsters: Tomb Of Ancient Kings, Corridors Of Madness, City Of Redemption, Treasure Trove
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YuGiOh: Nesbit theme, Lector theme, Red Eyes Black Dragon theme, Toon World theme
Ratchet and Clank: Daxx Weapons Facility, HoloStar Studios, Courtny Gears Song, Viceron

And Many, many more, so many memories.

Current Residence: Australia
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ?
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Favourite genre of music: Video Game (I know that's weird but I don't care)
Favourite style of art: Manga + anime, My own
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The month of suspension is finally over, I'm glad to be back, next time I'll be more careful of what I submit.

I wish everyone had a nice time while I was gone, kinda feel sad that I couldn't celebrate my B-Day with you guys, but what can you do?

Thanks for your time, pals. :)
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