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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Before reading, please note that without the help of my pal :iconsupersaiyancrash: I wouldn't have been able to complete this, he deserves a big thanks for all his assistance and ideas.
And as usual, enjoy.
Within the Kato household, Jeri had just stepped out of the shower and was now drying herself, before slipping into a beautiful red dress, thick winter dress and a winter cap, not only matching the season, but also, to impress her boyfriend.

After Jeri had finished checking herself out in the bathroom mirror, she heard the doorbell ring, in which she made her way out of the bathroom to the front door and was pleasantly greeted to see non other than Henry Wong.

"Merry Christmas, Jeri." Henry said as he handed her a small box wrapped up ever so elegantly.

"Oh, Henry, you didn't have to do this." Jeri told him as she opened her gift, making her heart melt at the sight of the beautiful looking bracelet within the box.

"It's beautiful." Jeri said, kissing Henry cheek, before saying as she slipped the bracelet around her right wrist. "Besides, Christmas is tomorrow."

"I know. But I couldn't wait that long to see you happy." Henry replied as he smiled at his beloved, who was touched by his words and couldn't help but to kiss him lovingly on the lips.

But Jeri then broke from the kiss as she looked away in sadness.

"Jeri, what's wrong?" Henry asked, hating to see his girlfriend upset.

"It's just... I was thinking about Takato." Jeri replied in a saddened tone. "I just keep thinking how he had a crush on me in the past, but now that we are together who does he have to love?"

"Oh yeah. I do agree with you. Also, Rika's been down lately." Henry replied in agreement.

"She has?" Jeri asked in surprise as they walked out of the house, going to their date.

"Yeah, surely you have seen how depressed she is?" Henry asked.

It seemed as though Takato and Rika were both unlucky in the love department when suddenly Jeri then remembered the time she was in the hot spring with Rika and Renamon.


The girls all walked out of the changing rooms wearing towels around their chests, but Jeri could not help looking but feel an empathetic sadness towards Rika.

"You alright?" Jeri asked.

"It's nothing." Rika replied simply, her usual defensive self.

"Yes there something!" Jeri said back, before stating in a serious tone. "Rika, you are my best friend and best friends share everything."

Rika sighed, knowing Jeri was right in which she replied. "It's just I feel jealous towards you."

"Jealous?" Jeri asked, confused, before saying. "But why?"

"I'm jealous that you have a great guy in your life and I don't." Rika confessed, normally Rika wouldn't be so open with her feelings but she liked Jeri and considered her a very good friend, one she could trust.

"Rika, I'm sorry." Jeri replied, hoping her determination hadn't hurt Rika's feelings. "But I know that there is someone out there for you."

"And you too, Renamon." Jeri added, knowing Renamon had yet to find a male Digimon to claim her as his mate.

"Thank you, Jeri." Renamon replied, smiling from Jeri's kind and honest words, before Rika said bluntly. "Let's just get in."

After Jeri had slipped off her towel, she got into the water, letting out a content sigh as the warmth consumed and relaxed her body, before she watched as Rika and Renamon took off their towels, revealing Rika's C-cup sized breasts and Renamon's F-cup, as they then joined Jeri.

After letting the water relax them, Jeri asked Rika. "Rika, I hope I'm not being too intrusive but have you considered asking Takato out."

"Gogglehead?" Rika questioned, before saying in a somewhat saddened tone. "After falling for somebody sweet and open like you, I don't think he'd be interested in me."

"Don't be too sure, Rika. Takato is a great guy and I know he cares about you." Jeri replied, before turning to Renamon and saying to the foxy Digimon. "Just like Guilmon cares about you, Renamon."

Hearing this gave Rika and Renamon a lot to think about, sure the boys had their faults but in general they were kind and caring, not to mention quite handsome, in which Rika and Renamon sighed simultaneously, thinking maybe Takato and Guilmon could be their beloveds.

----End Flashback----

As Henry and Jeri continued their walk, Jeri said. "It would be nice if they did get together. But they are both so nervious to ask one and another."

Henry thought for a moment, before saying. "Hold on a minute. Iv'e got an great idea."

Hearing this perked up her interest and caused her to ask curiously. "What is it?"

"Wait until we get back to my place and see." Henry replied in a somewhat sly tone.

----With Henry and Jeri, sometime later----

Within his household, Henry was looking through his dad's lab as Jeri was looking on, curious as to what Henry had in mind and was looking for.

"Got them." Henry said and held what looked like Dark Rings from the second Season of Digimon Adventure, only it had a heart symbol on the front and was coloured a beautiful and shining red.

"What are they?" Jeri asked curiously.

"This is something I've been working on. I call it the Love Ring." Henry replied, before he explained to Jeri. "It's like the Dark Ring in Season 2 but it wasn't designed to enslave Digimon into mindless soldiers, instead it makes the person fall in love with the requested person by our command. It works on both human and digimon. If you take these two to Rika and Renamon and trick them into wearing them then give command them to love Takato and Guilmon, I bring Takato and Guilmon to them where they be waiting inside already."

"That is a wonderful idea." Jeri said as she smiled, taking the Love Ring from Henry's hands and another off of the nearby desk, before Henry said. "I hope this gets them together."

"I know it will. Even though they'll be brainwashed at first, I know that it will help Rika and Renamon reveal their feelings. And I know Takato and Guilmon will be happy." Jeri replied lovingly, before she headed off to Rika's to give her and Renamon their 'Christmas Presents'.

----With Rika and Renamon----

It was lonely at the Nonaka household for Rika and Renamon as the pair were the only ones home.

Rika's mother had been called to model over the holidays and her grandmother, though wanting to spend Christmas with her granddaughter and her Digimon partner had been invited to a reunion in America to meet some old friends she hadn't seen in ages.
While Rika did consider calling Takato, Henry, Jeri, or even Kazu or Kenta for company, she didn't want to look like she was weak by showing she was lonely, and being ever loyal to Rika, Renamon was behind her partner's decision, even though the vixen Digimon wouldn't mind seeing a certain Hazard marked dragon Digimon as she remembered all the nice things she and Jeri had said about him during their time in the hot spring, making her wonder if Guilmon could be the one to claim her heart and body as his.

But Renamon and Rika were interrupted when they heard somebody knocking on the front door, in which the pair made their way over to see who it was and were pleasantly surprised to see Jeri standing outside.

"Jeri, what are you doing here?" Rika asked, before saying. "I thought you were going on a date."

"I was, but I got thinking about my best friend and couldn't just leave her alone during the holidays." Jeri replied in a cheerful tone, which, upon hearing that made a rare smile appear on Rika's face for a moment.

"And speaking of the holidays. I got you and Renamon gifts." Jeri said happily, pulling two red coloured necklaces out of her jacket, which looked oddly familiar to Rika.

"Thank you, Jeri." Renamon replied in a mixture of joy and respect, before Rika thanked Jeri too.

Even though Rika wasn't the kind of girl to wear jewellery, she was still flattered by Jeri's selflessness and accepted her gift.

But as she and Renamon were about to place them on, Jeri quickly said to Renamon. "Hold on, Renamon. I think yours’ will look better on your tail."

"How come?" Renamon asked curiously.

"Because your mane will cover it up and I think it will look so much better shown off. Trust me." Jeri replied with a smile, in which Renamon nodded, before she and Rika placed the rings on their bodies, Rika's went around her neck and Renamon's went down until it was around the start of her tail.

However, Rika and Renamon then started to feel dizzy and lightheaded as the rings placed on them began to take effect.

Their eyes then glazed over bodies stood at attention, before Jeri asked. “Rika, Renamon, can you hear me?”

“We hear you...” Rika and Renamon replied in distant tones.

“Very good.” Jeri replied, before turning her attention to Rika and asked. “Now then, Rika how do you truly feel about Takato?”

“I do have feelings for him... He’s always been there for me... He’s kind, smart, caring and quite handsome... But I don't know if he feels the same way...” Rika replied in a monotone voice.

“And what about you, Renamon? How do you feel about Guilmon?” Jeri then asked the entranced vixen who replied in the same tone as Rika. “Guilmon... He’s such a kind and sweet Digimon... He may have his faults, however I can’t help but to get warm feelings when I think about him...”

Hearing their replies made Jeri smile, knowing that Rika and Renamon were hiding their true feelings, before she then ordered Rika to undress.

Rika did as ordered, while Renamon slipped off her gloves, showing off their breasts, butts and vaginas perfectly, before Jeri said to the hypnotized pair. “Rika, Renamon, I want you to listen to what I tell you, everything I say is the truth.”

“Everything you say is the truth...” Rika and Renamon replied in unison.

“Rika, you love Takato with all your heart, which is why you want to be with him, not only as your lover but as his slave. Making Takato happy makes you happy so you will always show him your love and obey him without questioning back.” Jeri told Rika, implanting the mental commands within Rika’s vulnerable mind, before telling Renamon. “And Renamon, you feel the exact same way towards Guilmon.”

After Jeri finished, loving but distant smiles appeared on the entranced Tamer and her Digimon partner’s face.

With the commands now set in their minds, there was only one thing left to do, wait for Takato and Guilmon.

----Meanwhile, Within the Matsuki bakery----

Takato and Guilmon were in the back finishing off another order, as the bakery was stuffed with customs, eager to enjoy the tasty treats that the Matsuki family had made for the season, and had been for the last few hours.

After finishing a final batch of Christmas themed cookies, Takato and Guilmon took a moment to take a seat and have a break, only for Takato’s mother, Yoshie Matsuki, to call out. “Takato, Guilmon you have a guest.”

In response, Takato and Guilmon stood up and saw Henry enter the kitchen, greeting his friends, who happily greeted him back, before the leader of the Tamers then asked curiously. “So what bring you here?”

“I just wanted to come over and give you each a Christmas gift from Jeri and myself.” Henry replied.

Upon hearing that, Guilmon was filled with joy and asked in a curious and excited tone. “What is it Henry?”

“Sorry Guilmon but I cannot spoil the surprise.” Henry replied, before he told Takato and Guilmon. “And your presents are at Rika’s house.”

Upon hearing that, Takato was confused and caused him to ask. “Why would our presents be at Rika’s?”

“Jeri left them there.” Henry replied, before saying. “But I think you’ll truly enjoy what’s waiting for you.”

With that said, Takato and Guilmon thanked Henry for coming over and for their mystery gifts, before heading off to Rika’s, unsure of what was waiting for them, while Henry headed on home to meet up with Jeri as a sly smile appeared on his face.

----Sometime later----

Takato and Guilmon left and heading over to Rika’s place, where they arrived as the sun began to set, the pair saw a note on the front door saying: Takato, Guilmon, come right in.
Takato, your gift is in Rika’s room.
Guilmon, yours’ is in the spare bedroom.
-Jeri Kato.

After reading the note, Takato and Guilmon went inside, closing and locking the door behind them, as they followed the note and headed to each room respectively.

----With Takato: Upcoming Lemons----

As Takato approached Rika’s room, he wondered what was inside waiting for him as his gift, but after opening the door, he stood there in awe, never expecting to see the sight before him.

Rika lying on her bed, wearing nothing but a pair of red stockings, a red coloured bra, red panties and a Christmas hat, while her hair had been released from its ponytail and was now cascading down her back.

“Hello Takato.” Rika greeted him in a surprisingly friendly tone, before she made a motion with her index finger for him to come to her as she said. “I’m glad you could come over.”

“Rika? What’s going on?” Takato asked in confusion as he approached her, unable to take his gaze off of her beauty.

“What’s going on is I’m yours’.” Rika replied, which caused Takato to question in a highly confused tone. “What are you talking about?”

“I mean I’m your present.” Rika replied lovingly, before the Digimon Queen then said warmly. “Merry Christmas my Master.”

“Master?” Takato questioned, before he noticed the ring around Rika’s neck and immediately recognized it.

“That’s a Dark Ring! Rika you’ve been brai...” Takato tried to say, but his words were ceased as Rika shot up, wrapped her arms around Takato’s neck and kissed him deeply on the lips.

This was a great surprise to him, but the warmth of her lips spread a warm feeling though his body, making him unable to resist kissing her back.

After Takato and Rika broke from the kiss, the pair stared into the other’s eyes, before Rika said. “I know what’s happened to me, Master and I want it. Henry and Jeri have helped open my eyes to my feelings towards you. I live to serve you, my beloved Gogglehead.”

Hearing the love in her voice and the look in her eyes, Takato could see Rika was serious, in which the leader of the Digimon Tamers then asked. “Rika, are you sure you want this?”

“I do. I love you Master.” Rika replied immediately and lovingly, causing Takato to smile as he then wrapped his arms around Rika’s waist and brought her in for another deep and passionate kiss.

“I love you too, Rika.” Takato replied with an equal amount of love, before Rika then relieved takato of his clothing, stripping him until he was wearing just a pair of white boxers, which made her aroused at the sight of his well-developed body and the bulge forming within his boxers.

The pair then removed the last of their clothing, excluding the Love Ring around Rika’s neck, revealing their naked bodies to each other.

Seeing the other naked increased their arousal and love for each other as Takato then climbed onto Rika’s bed and started to kiss down Rika's neck and collarbone, causing her to let out small moans and gasps of pleasure as the leader of the Digimon Tamers then gently pushed Rika down onto her bed, continuing to kiss her until he reached her breasts.

Takato then started to kiss Rika’s right breast, before Takato started to suck on the Digimon Queen’s nipple, while using his right handle to gently massage and fondle Rika’s left breast, which caused Renamon’s Tamer to moan out in pleasure. “Oh, Master... Ah... That... That feels... Ah... So amazing...!”

As Takato continued to suck and lick Rika’s right nipple and massage and fondle her left breast, he soon moved his left hand over Rika's slender and smooth chest and down her right leg, before Takato then stopped his attention on Rika’s breasts and positioned himself on top of Rika and asked in a curious and loving tone. “Did you like that Rika?”

“That felt so good.” Rika replied in a loving tone, before she then surprised Takato when she flipped them over, so that the leader of the Digimon Tamers was lying down on the bed and she was hovering over him, before the Digimon Queen then asked seductively. “Now, why donÕt you relax while I pleasure you, my Master?”

Rika then started kissing down Takato’s well-developed chest and waist, causing the leader of the Digimon Tamers to let out small groans of pleasure as she continued so. But soon after, Rika had reached Takato’s manhood, which was nine-inches, in which the Digimon Queen then took Takato's cock into her mouth and began to suck it, causing Takato's moaning and groaning of pleasure to become louder.

"Ah... Rika... Oh, Rika... Ah... Please don't... Or I'm going to come...!" Takato groaned out, in which Rika stopped sucking for a moment and told Takato in a warm and enticing tone. "Don't worry about it, Master. If it gives you pleasure, then I’m happy."

Rika then went back to sucking on Takato's dick with an increased pace, causing Takato's moans and groans of pleasure to fill Rika's ears and cause her to mentally smile, knowing she was pleasing Takato, before Rika soon felt Takato's cock quiver in her mouth, in which Takato yelled out. "Oh, Rika... I can't hold it in anymore... I'm coming...!"

And with one groan of ecstasy, Takato released his load into Rika's mouth, and with lust, she swallowed Takato's load with ease, before the Digimon Queen took her Master’s cock out of her mouth and asked curiously. "How did that feel, Master?"

"That felt great, Rika." Takato replied in a satisfied tone, which made Rika smile, knowing that her Master was satisfied by her blowjob, that and also Takato's member was still partially hard, in which Rika started to lovingly kiss around the tip of Takato's member until it was fully erect was then Rika stopped, causing Takato to wonder what was up, but received his answer when Rika then repositioned her body, so Takato’s manhood was just at the front of her threshold, which caused the leader of the Digimon Tamers to ask in concern. “Are you sure, Rika?”

“More than anything.” Rika replied lovingly, before she then impaled herself on her Master’s manhood, causing them both to groan out in pleasure.

However, Takato could feel he had hit Rika’s hymen, and in response, Guimon’s Tamer then gave one big thrust, breaking Rika's hymen, and taking away their virginities forever.

Rika winched in pain for a moment, before the Digimon Queen then said. “Thought that it would hurt more than that.”

“Well, I'm glad that it didn't hurt you, too much, my darling Rika.” Takato replied in a loving tone, before the leader of the Digimon Tamers began to thrust his member deep within Rika’s vagina, causing the pair to moan out in pure pleasure.

For the next two hours, the two of them continued to make love, and loved the feelings of pleasure that they were getting from their lover, but it was after two hours had passed that Takato flipped the Digimon Queen back onto her back and continued to pound his hard manhood into Rika's pussy, which caused both Tamers to continue to moan out in pleasure.

As Takato and Rika continued to make love they were both so into their lovemaking that they wished that their time together could last forever, however, by the end of the two hours, the two of them were moving around frantically as their climaxes were coming ever so closer, in which Rika then moaned out in erotic pleasure. “Master... I can't... Ah... I can't hold it in... I'm... I'm going to come...!”

“Me too, Rika... I'm so close... Ah... I'm going to come too...!" Takato groaned out in after several more thrusts, Rika gave out a large scream of ecstasy and released her fluids all over Takato's Rika's release pulled Takato over the edge and caused him to cry out in pleasure as he then experienced his orgasm and filled Rika's womb with his seed.

Takato hovered over Rika, who had a smile on her lips and her cheeks had a cherry red flush on her face, as both of them tried to catch their several minutes, Takato released his member from Rika's pussy, lied down, in which Rika moved around and snuggled up on Takato's chest.

"Thank you a lot for all that you have done for me. I love you, Master." Rika said lovingly, in which Takato replied with the same amount of love. "It is no problem at all. I love you too, Rika."

Takato and Rika then kissed each other passionately again, and when they broke for air, the leader of the Digimon Tamers smiled as Rika rested her head on his chest, before the new lovers fell asleep.

----With Guilmon, around the same time Takato had found his ‘present’----

Guilmon was full of lust as he stared at Renamon who, like Rika, was lying seductively on a bed, though her ensemble was different compared to her Tamer.

Renamon had a prurple ribbon around her chest, covering her breasts and another that was around her waist, covering her pussy.

“Enjoy your gift, Master?” Renamon asked in a seductive and submissive tone.

However, Guilmon was unable to reply as his beastly instincts were taking him over, while Renamon’s pheromones were increasing his arousal, in which he pounced on top of the vixen Digimon, tore off her ribbons with his fangs and then kissed Renamon deeply, his tongue invading her willing mouth.

Guilmon then broke from their loving kiss and started to kiss around the vixen Digimon’s neck, before he pinched Renamon's nipples, which caused the fox Digimon to moan in pure to let his instincts help him in pleasuring Renamon, Guilmon trailed his kissing down from her neck to her breasts then landed a series of kisses down her waist, licked around her navel, and then went down to Renamon's pussy, before the red dragon Digimon give it one long lick, causing instant pleasure to the foxy then started to move his tongue down Renamon's slit, which was pretty wet with her sexual fluids, causing a jolt of electricity ran through Renamon's whole body when Guilmon did this, in which the fox Digimon then moaned out in sexual excitement. "Oh, M... Ah... Master, that's so good... Please...More... Please more...!"

Guilmon moved his face closer so that his tongue could get Renamon's entire vagina, which caused her moaning to get louder, however, the pleasure was becoming too much for the vixen Digimon, which caused her to moan out. "Master, I think... Ah... I think that I'm going... Ah... To come... Ah...!"

And Renamon was right when she let out a loud moan of pleasure and released her sexual fluids, which Guilmon licked up, happy that his instincts had helped pleasure the foxy Digimon.

After Guilmon was finished licking Renamon's pussy, he went into a sitting position and told the vixen Digimon. "Renamon, you taste so sweet."

"Thank you." Renamon replied lovingly, before she said in a seductive and alluring tone. "Now, I think it's my turn to pleasure you, my Master."

Guilmon then closed his eyes and groaned out in pleasure as Renamon deeply kissed around the kind-hearted virus Digimon’s neck, before the foxy Digimon kissed down his chest, around his Digital Hazard symbol, before she reached his crotch and stopped, as a massive blush appeared on the vixen's face.

“Oh my. Master, I... I never expected you to be so huge!” Renamon told Guilmon, before she stared to drool a little at the sight of Guilmon's fully erect ten-inch cock.

"Now, Master. It’s time for your pleasure." Renamon said seductively, before she began to lick the tip of Guilmon's manhood, while she massaged his balls with her right paw, which caused Takato’s Digimon partner to groan in pleasure.

After holding on for as long as he could, Guilmon then groaned out. "Renamon... Ah... I can't hold it... Ah... Anymore... I'm going to come...!"

And with a loud groan of pleasure, Guilmon released his load into Renamon's mouth, with some of it trailing down her face and landing on her breasts, in which she managed to swallow all of his cum in her mouth, before she took Guilmon's member out of her mouth, in which the red dragon Digimon said in content tone. "Oh, Renamon. That felt so good."

"I'm glad I could please you, Master." Renamon replied submissively as a warm and loving smile appeared on her face, before the vixen Digimon saw that there was still cum dripping from Guilmon's still erect dick, which made her smile turn seductive and state with the same amount of seduction in her voice, tracing her left finger around the tip of Guilmon's penis, wiping up the cum and stuck her finger in her mouth. "And you taste very sweet too."

"Thanks." Guilmon replied, before he saw that his cock was right before Renamon's entrance, which caused him to ask his soon-to-be mate. "Are you ready, Renamon?"

"I am. Take me, my Master." Renamon replied in a mixture of lust and desire, in which Guilmon placed his hands on her hips before he pushed his cock into Renamon's vagina and began to thrust back and forth inside of her, while Renamon wrapped her arms around Guilmon's neck and her legs around his waist, as she moaned loudly from the feeling of Takato’s Digimon partner inside of her.

"Oh, Master Guilmon... Ah... This feels incredible... Ah... Please give more... M... Ah... Master... More...!" Renamon called out in sexual pleasure, in which Guilmon responded to Renamon’s begging by thrusting as fast and as hard as he could without hurting her, which caused Renamon to scream in pure erotic two more hours, their mating continued with as the world soon became dizzied and blurred to the two of them as their thing that mattered in the world were each other and their mating, but soon, both of them were reaching their climaxes, in which Guilmon moaned out. "Renamon... Ah... I can't hold on much longer... Ah... I'm cumming... Ah... Oh, Renamon, I'm cumming...!"

Renamon, in the same sexual excited tone, replied. "Me, too, Master... I can't contain myself... Oh, please, Master... Give it to me...!"

Both Guilmon and Renamon’s movements then became frantic as they both reached their final peaks and then, unable to take anymore, Renamon cried out erotically. "Guilmon, I can't... Ah... Oh, Guilmon, I'm cumming...!"

And with one loud erotic scream, Renamon released her cum all over Guilmon's cock, which was enough to send the kind-hearted virus Digimon over the edge and cry out in response. "Oh, Renamon... Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"

Guilmon then filled Renamon's womb with his seed, before he fell back onto the bed, along with Renamon, who then wrapped her arms around Guilmon's chest, while his manhood was still inside her, but Guilmon enjoyed the feeling of his cock staying inside her, while Renamon enjoyed the feeling too, neither Digimon wanting the feeling to end.

Renamon then said to her mate in a loving tone, as he had satisfied her more than she could ever had imagined. "Thank you for such a wonderful time. I love you, Master."

”I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I love you too, my sexy vixen. Merry Christmas." Guilmon replied happily.

“Merry Christmas.” Renamon said back lovingly, before she and Guilmon kissed each other again, sharing their love in their kiss.

----Meanwhile: End Lemon----

Just outside Rika’s bedroom window, Henry and Jeri were smiling, not from watching their friends having sex, but how happy there were.

“It worked, Henry.” Jeri said happily, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend as she then stated. “I knew it would and I’m glad they are all together.”

“Me too, Jeri. After all Takato an Guilmon have done, they deserve somebody to love them, just as much as I love you.” Henry replied, before saying. “Merry Christmas Jeri.”

“Merry Christmas.” Jeri replied lovingly.

The End.
A Tamers Hypno Christmas
To give Takato, Guilmon, Rika and Renamon a great Christmas Gift and to help them get over their previous love lives, Henry and Jeri devised a plan for them both: Getting them together.
TakatoxRika and GuilmonxRenamon.
Shadow Wolf Link by LiquidPhazon
Shadow Wolf Link
I had this idea the second I saw Zant place his curse on Link the first time I played Twilight Princess.
Instead of it forcing Link into permanent Wolf form, it corrupts him, turning Link into a darker form and turns him against Midna while serving Zant as his new master.
A Digi-Family Australian Christmas by LiquidPhazon
A Digi-Family Australian Christmas
With Christmas nearly a month here, I decided to do a VeexGato Christmas pic.
But since it's Summer here in Australia (I know, weird.) I decided to do a beach pic.

For those confused: The Gumdramon is their son, I can see Gumdramon as their kid cause he shares the same features of his parents. (Dragon based Digimon, Forehead mark, Unusual shaped tail and Tail Ring)

Thanks to Marky, SuperSaiyanCrash and KnightofLoyalty for their assistance. :)

I don't own Digimon or the beach pic.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Chapter 9: Love in the Digital World.

Warning: This chapter involves Lemons between various Digimon couples.

----Back in the Digital World: Upcoming Lemons----

Within their bedroom, Shoutmon and Lunamon had their eyes closed as they kissed each other lovingly, mating their tongues, while tasting and swapping saliva.

Shoutmon then broke from the kiss and began kissing around Lunamon's neck, causing soft moans to escape from her lips, and as the Digimon King continued, he stopped for a moment to take in her beauty, her pert breasts, cute buttocks and pussy, before he gently laid Lunamon on her back, before the Digimon King climbed on top of her and then began to kiss around Lunamon's neck again, before trailing down to her breasts, causing her to moan in pleasure.

"Shout... Oh, Shoutmon... Ah... That tickles... But feels so good...!" Lunamon cried out as her mate licked her left nipple, while his left hand massaged her right breast.

"I'm glad you like that. But it's going to get a whole lot better." Shoutmon told her as he ceased his actions on Lunamon's breasts and lowered his head down to Lunamon's pussy, which was quite wet with her sexual fluids, and then began to lash at it, causing the rabbit-like Digimon to moan out in sexual excitement.

As Shoutmon continued to lick Lunamon's pussy, the rabbit-like Digimon moaned out loudly. "Oh, Shoutmon, that's so good... Ah... That's so good...!"

But soon, Lunamon was unable to contain herself and moaned out loudly as she came, releasing her sexual fluids into Shoutmon's mouth, which he licked up and then told her. "Lunamon, you taste great."

Lunamon smiled before she decided to pay Shoutmon back after receiving so much pleasure, in which the rabbit-like Digimon then repositioned herself and Shoutmon, so she was on top of the Digimon King, before Lunamon began to gently kiss around the Digimon King's neck, causing him to groan out in pleasure.

Lunamon then mimicked Shoutmon's actions, kissing her way down his chest, until the she had reached Shoutmon's manhood, which had emerged from its protective sheath and caused the rabbit-like Digimon to blush at the sight of it.

“Oh, my king, you are so big.” Lunamon told Shoutmon as she stared at his, cock, which was around seven-inches.

And then, not wanting to displease the her king and mate, Lunamon began to gently trace her tongue around the tip of Shoutmon's dick, before the rabbit-like Digimon took as much of the Digimon King's cock into her mouth and started to suck him off, causing the Digimon King to groan out as Lunamon continued to give him a loving blowjob.

Sometime later, Shoutmon was unable to contain himself and came, releasing his load into Lunamon's mouth, which surprised her at how much he came, but continued to suck until Shoutmon was finished.

And when Shoutmon had finished cumming, Lunamon removed her lips from Shoutmon's manhood, went face to face with him and asked in a sweet and curious tone. "Oh, Shoutmon, did you like that?"

"Yeah... I did..." Shoutmon replied, short of breath for a moment, while a warm smile appeared on Lunamon's face, knowing she had pleased Shoutmon with her blowjob.

And after Shoutmon had got his energy back, the Digimon King grabbed onto Lunamon's hips and flipped them over, so he was on top of her again, the tip of his manhood gently rubbing against her threshold.

Shoutmon then looked into Lunamon's eyes, as if asking 'Are you ready?" and, in response, Lunamon smiled warmly and nodded, before Shoutmon lowered himself and inserted his cock into Lunamon's vagina, causing both her and the red dragon Digimon to moan out loudly in pleasure.

And then Shoutmon began to thrust his cock in and out of Lunamon's vagina, before the red dragon Digimon groaned out. "Oh... Lunamon, you... You're so tight... Ah... It's great...!"

Shoutmon started slow in their mating, but soon quickly picked up the pace, going deeper and deeper into Lunamon's pussy, causing Lunamon's moans to turn into cries and screams of pleasure.

"Oh, Shoutmon... Yes... That's so good... Ah... Please more... Please more" Lunamon exclaimed in erotic pleasure.

As Shoutmon and Lunamon continued to mate, the Digimon King then slowed down for a moment and turned Lunamon around until she was on all fours and started to thrust his cock inside of her again, causing their moaning to become even louder than before.

"Oh, Shoutmon, please keep going... Ah... Please... Please don't stop...!" Lunamon cried out in pure erotic excitement as Shoutmon continued to mate with the rabbit-like Digimon.

But soon, Shoutmon could feel Lunamon's vagina walls clamping down even harder on his cock, showing that she was close to her climax, though she wasn't the only one as Shoutmon groaned out. "Ah... Lunamon... Ah... I'm coming... Ah...I'm going to cum soon...!"

Lunamon, feeling that Shoutmon's pace was really quickening and feeling her climax coming, yelled out in sexual pleasure. "Me too, Shoutmon... Ah... I'm coming, too...!"

And Lunamon wasn't lying, as she couldn't contain herself any longer as the rabbit-like Digimon cried out Shoutmon's name in pure pleasure as she came, releasing her cum all over Shoutmon's member.

"Oh, Lunamon... I'm coming, too... Lunamon...! " Shoutmon groaned out loudly in pleasure as he came, filling Lunamon's womb with his seed.

Shoutmon then removed his manhood from Lunamon's pussy, before lying on her bed, before he smiled as she snuggled up to his chest.
"Oh, Shoutmon, I love you, my King." Lunamon said in a loving tone, so happy what she and Shoutmon had just gone through together, in which the Digimon King replied with the same amount of love in his voice. "And I love you, Lunamon, my Queen."

----In the medows of the Forest Zone----

Meanwhile, Patamon was lying on his back as Gatomon was on top of him, kissing the Digimon of Hope lovingly on the lips, which he happily returned with the same love for her.

As Gatomon continued kissing Patamon, she mentally smiled as she could feel Patamon’s manhood emerge from its protective sheath and poke her in the stomach, in which she got an idea of how to increase the pleasure of her mate.

Gatomon then broke from the kiss, before he looked into her azure eyes and could see the love and desire they held for him, which made Patamon smile.

And then Gatomon moved her head down to his cock, began to lick around the tip, before taking all seven-inches into her mouth, making Patamon groan out in pleasure.

“Gatomon, that’s really good... Ah... Keep it up...!” Patamon groaned out.

Gatomon continued to move her head up and down, her tongue dancing around Patamon’s manhood skillfully, before Patamon couldn’t hold back and let out a loud groan as he came, surprising Gatomon for a moment as she tried to swallow all she could, but some dripped doubt of her mouth and onto her breasts.

“Gatomon... I... I’m sorry. I...” Patamon tried to apologize as he tried to catch his breath but was cut in his sentence when Gatomon gently placed her paw over Patamon’s mouth.

“It’s alright, Patamon. I just wanted you to feel good.” Gatomon told Patamon lovingly, before she wiped his cum off her breasts, licked her other paw and then said seductively. “Besides, you taste pretty sweet.”

Seeing Gatomon acting so ‘naughty’ was really turning Patamon on, as shown by his still erect dick, before an idea came to his mind.

Smiling slyly, Patamon then managed to remove Gatomon from off his chest reposition her onto all, before the Digimon of Hope then caused her to moan out in pain and pleasure as he began to slap her butt with his ear-like wings.

“This will teach you for being so naughty.” Patamon told Gatomon, who moaned out in a pleasure filled reply. “Yes, patamon, yes! Spank me for being such a naughty kitty!.”

After several more spanks, Patamon decided Gatomon had enough and positioned himself behind her, aiming his erect cock at her thereshold, before he then pushed his cock inside her vagina.

"Oh, Gatomon... You're pussy is so tight... Ah... It's great...!" Patamon groaned out in pleasure, followed by Gatomon, who moaned out. " Yes! Yes! Yes, Patamon... That's so good... More... oh, Patamon...!"

But soon, Patamon could feel Gatomon’s vagina walls clamping down even harder on his cock, showing that she was close to her climax, but then again, so was Patamon, as he groaned out, continuing to thrust in and out of his mate. "Gato... Ah... Gatomon,  I'm coming... I'm going to cum soon...!"

"Me, too, Patamon... I... I'm coming, too... Ah... Oh, Patamon, give it to me...!" Gatomon moaned out erotically.

Patamon and Gatomon continued to mate for as long as they could, but soon, Gatomon couldn't contain herself any longer and cried out in pleasure as she released her cum all over Patamon’s manhood.

This caused Patamon to groan out loudly. "Oh, Gatomon... I'm coming, too... Ah... Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!"

And then Patamon reached his peak, filling Gatomon up with his seed as he groaned out Gatomon’s name in pure pleasure.

And as the afterglow of their mating wore off, Gatomon collapsed onto her stomach as Patamon collapsed onto her back, his dick still buried in her threshold, as both Digimon remained in their position, before Patamon then nuzzled his head against the back of Gatomon’s head in affection, which she returned as she began purring amourously.

----Meanwhile, at a hiden Waterfall in the Forest Zone----

Veemon and AquaVeemon were passionately kissing each other, tasting each other’s tongues and sampling the other’s saliva, feeling nothing but love and arousal, evident when Veemon felt AquaVeemon’s nipples harden against her chest while his manhood gently brush against her threshold.

It was then the pair broke from the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes lustfully, before AquaVeemon broke from their loving embrace and got into the water.

“Care to join me?” AquaVeemon asked in an alluring tone as she cupped her breasts.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Veemon replied slyly, before he got into the water beside AquaVeemon and then he wrapped his arms around AquaVeemon’s waist and engaged her in another passionate kiss.

While they kissed, AquaVeemon’s hands roamed down Veemon’s chest, under the water, to his member, before it was then AquaVeemon’s hands travelled began to stroke his cock, causing the ‘V’ marked Digimon to break from their kiss and groan out in pleasure.

AquaVeemon continued her actions, massaging her mate’s member with her left hand, while her right was massaging his balls, causing Veemon to continue groaning out in pleasure for several minutes, until the Rookie Level Digimon groaned out loudly as he came, mixing his cum into the water, but AquaVeemon only smiled as she had pleasured her beloved, not to mention she could feel all eight-inches of Veemon’s dick was still erect.

And before AquaVeemon could respond, Veemon then gently pushed AquaVeemon back against the wall of the riverbed, his the tip of his manhood rubbing against her pussy, causing her to moan out as her pussy got wetter and wetter, before Veemon then gently inserted his cock inside of AquaVeemon, causing her to arch her back and gasp in pleasure.

“Oh, yes... Ah... Veemon... Ah... It feels so good... Ah... Please don't stop...!” AquaVeemon moaned out erotically, in which Veemon groaned in reply. “Don’t sell yourself short... You’re doing great... You’re incredible...!”

As Veemon continued, he could feel AquaVeemon’s threshold easily allowing him to enter and then reluctantly allowed him to leave, clamping down on his cock, adding with the wetness of AquaVeemon's pussy, which heightened the pleasure Veemon was feeling.

And AquaVeemon felt the same as Veemon’s member went deep inside her, causing AquaVeemon to scream out in erotic and blissful pleasure.

As Veemon and AquaVeemon continued to mate, they shared a passionate and loving kiss, wishing that their time together could never end, but eventually began to move around frantically as could feel they were reaching their climaxes.

“Vee... Ah... Veemon, I’m so close... Ah... I’m cumming... Ah...!” AquaVeemon cried out, before she was unable to hold herself and had her orgasm, releasing her cum over Veemon’s manhood, which sent Veemon over the edge as the ‘V’ marked Digimon groaned out loudly as he had his orgasm, filling AquaVeemon with his seed.

Both he and AquaVeemon were breathing heavily as their orgasms wore off and their bodies demanded oxygen, but thanks to his stamina, Veemon then felt he had enough energy and breath, and removed his manhood from AquaVeemon’s vagina and moved over to her right side, relaxing against the wall of the riverbed, before AquaVeemon then rested her head on her mate’s shoulder as a loving and satisfied smile appeared on her face.

“Oh, Veemon. That was amazing.” AquaVeemon told Veemon in a warm and loving tone as she gently traced her left hand up and down Veemon’s chest.

“Don’t sell yourself short, AquaVeemon. It was just as amazing as it was for me.” Veemon replied, before he smiled as he felt the warmth of her lips against his as she kissed him again, which he gladly returned.

----Deep in the forest at the same time----

Biyomon was on top of Agumon kissing around his neck, before the Digimon of Love brought herself and Agumon in a deep and loving kiss.

It was after the pair broke form the kiss that Agumon smiled, which made Biyomon smile, before he then grabbed Biyomon's hips and repositioned her, so she was lying on her back, while he was on top of her, in which he lowered his head to her right breast and started to lick it, while the Digimon of Courage moved his right hand to her left breast and gently pinched her nipple, which caused Biyomon to moan out in pleasure.

Oh, Agumon... Ah... What you're doing... Ah... Feels so... Ah... Good..." Biyomon moaned in pleasure.

But it was after several minutes that Agumon decided it was time for a change of position, in which the amber coloured reptile Digimon ceased his actions on Biyomon's breasts, gently sat on her stomach, before the Digimon of Courage placed his clawed hands on the sides of Biyomon's breasts and then placed his dick between her breasts and began to move his hips back and forth, which caused his penis to slide between her breasts and gave him a great amount of pleasure, which made the Digimon of Love happy, not only that Agumon was getting pleasure, but she enjoyed it too.

Biyomon then brought her head forward and began to lick the tip of Agumon's cock, which caused him to groan in approval, and as she was doing this, Biyomon was unable to control her urges as she then placed her feathered fingers into her womanhood and began to masturbate.

And it wasn't long until Agumon groaned out. "Biyo... Ah... Biyomon... Ah... I'm going to come soon... Ah... I'm... Ah... I'm cumming...!"

Agumon then let out a loud groan of pleasure, as he came, coating Biyomon in his cum, which made her happy to see that she had satisfied Agumon.

And before she could say a single word, the Digimon of Courage quickly grabbed onto Biyomon's hips and repositioned her, so she was on all fours and moaned out loudly as the amber coloured reptile Digimon's cock entered her vagina.

Agumon felt great amounts of pleasure flow through him while his member was inside the silky wetness of Biyomon's threshold and moaned out. "Oh, yes... It feels so good..."

Agumon then began to thrust his member in and out of Biyomon's pussy and soon built up speed and a rhythm with each motion, in which Biyomon moaned loudly, as her body rocked with waves after waves of excited sexual pleasure, as Agumon 's member went deeper and deeper inside with each thrust.

"Oh, Agumon... Oh, yes... Ah... I feel it...!" Biyomon moaned as Agumon continued to thrust inside of his mate.

After several more minutes of Agumon's member entering and leaving her, Biyomon then felt herself build up to an orgasm, while the Digimon of Courage was already feeling her threshold latch down on his member with every thrust he gave as he felt his body begging for relief.

But soon they couldn't take it anymore, in which Biyomon let out a loud and erotic scream of ecstasy, while Agumon cried out in pleasure as they both came at the same time.

Biyomon released her sexual fluids, which covered Agumon's member, while Agumon released his seed into Biyomon, before they both collapsed onto the bed.

After several minutes of getting their energy back, Agumon removed his dick from Biyomon's vagina, before he rolled over and rested on his back, before he smiled as Biyomon snuggled up onto his chest, closed her eyes and went to sleep, with a pleased smile on her face, before Agumon then gently kissed Biyomon on her forehead, wrapped his arms around her, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

----With the Hero of the Digital World----

Within a cave hidden within the Forest Zone, Guilmon was sitting down, enjoying the sight before him as Renamon was dancing sexily before him, shaking and swaying her hips as her breasts swayed left and right, before Renamon then turned around and waggled her butt, arousing Guilmon further as his manhood emerged from its protective sheath.

Seeing Guilmon’s erect dick, made Renamon’s arousal increase as a wetness formed in between her legs, before she seductively walked over to Guilmon, pressing her breasts againsthis chests, as Renamon then kissed Guilmon, who gladly kissed her back.

After breaking from the kiss, Guilmon and Renamon looked at each other lovingly for a moment, before as Guilmon then kissed Renamon’s right breast, while fondling her left, making the vixen Digimon moan out in pleasure, before her pleasure heightened as she felt his tail snaked its way into her pussy.

“Ah...Oh, yeah, Guilmon... Ah... That’s.... Ah... That’s great...!” Renamon moaned out in pleasure, before Guilmon began to massage her left breast, while he moved his head to Renamon’s right and began to lick around, before sucking and biting gently on her nipple, as his tail continued to thrust in and out of her vagina.

“Oh, yes...Yes... Ah... Don’t stop... Oh, yes, Guilmon...!” Renamon cried out in pleasure, she could feel her orgasm approaching.

And, moments later, Renamon screamed out in pleasure as she had her orgasm and came, causing the foxy Digimon to release her sexual fluids on most of Guilmon’s tail, while the rest dripped onto the ground, leaving Renamon breathless, while Guilmon still had energy to spare, in which the red dragon Digimon removed his tail from Renamon’s threshold.

Renamon then sat up and kissed Guilmon again, who immediately kissed her back, before the vixen Digimon broke from the kiss and kissed down Guilmon’s chest, past his Digital Hazard mark, until she reached his member, which she took into her mouth and gave Guilmon a blowjob, as she massaged his balls.

As Renamon continued to massage his balls, which caused Guilmon to groan out louder, before he placed his left hand on the back of Renamon’s head, forcing all of his cock into her mouth, while his right hand began to pat and massage the top of her head in approval, which made Renamon mentally smile, knowing she was pleasing her mate.

But after experiencing such pleasure, Guilmon was unable to contain himself and, without warning, he released his load into Renamon’s waiting mouth.

After Guilmon finished with his climax, Renamon then took her mouth away from Guilmon’s manhood, in which the remaining cum of the bearer of the Digital Hazard mark spurted across her breasts, chest and face, which she actually enjoyed.

After wiping Guilmon’s cum off her face and body, licking her paws clean, Renamon asked in a mixture of curiosity and love. "Oh, Guilmon, did you like that?"

"Yeah, I did..." Guilmon replied breathlessly, which made her pleased with herself that she was able to do such a good job to please him.

“I’m happy to know that, Guilmon.” Renamon replied in a submissive tone, as she smiled at him, before the foxy Digimon stated seductively. “And you tasted so good.”

Hearing that made Guilmon smile, before he felt his instincts take him over as he then grabbed Renamon by her hips and inserted his manhood into her vagina, causing Renamon to loudly moan out in pleasure.

“Renamon moaned out in pleasure from the pleasurable feeling of Guilmon’s hardened cock stretching her vagina walls out, as his member began to exit and enter her, in which the vixen Digimon moaned out. “Guil... Ah... Guilmon... Oh, yes... You are... Ah... So deep inside me... Ah... And it feels... Ah... So good... Ah... Don’t stop... Ah... Please don’t stop...!”

As Guilmon continued to thrust his manhood in and out of Renamon’s pussy, Renamon placed her paws on her breasts and began to massage them, her body was overindulged by pleasure, never experienced before and didn’t want them to end.

“Ah... Ah... You are amazing...Ah...Guilmon... Ah... You are so deep within me... Ah... And it feels so good... Oh, Yes... Yes...!” Renamon moaned out in pleasure.

“Ah... I’m glad that you... Ah... Feel that way... Ah... And... Ah... you aren’t bad yourself...!” Guilmon groaned out in reply.

As the pair continued mating, soon, the two of them started to move around frantically as they both could feel that their climaxes were going to come soon, in which the red dragon Digimon groaned out. “Rena... Renamon... I... Ah... I’m so close... I can feel it... Ah... I’m going to come...!”

“Me too, Guilmon... Ah... Cum inside me... I want you so badly...!” Renamon moaned out in reply as she and Guilmon continued to mate for a few more minutes, however, neither of them were able to take anymore, in which Guilmon and Renamon cried out in ecstasy as they came at the same time, Renamon’s cum covering Guilmon’s cock, while the bearer of the Hazard mark released his seed within the foxy Digimon.

After the two were finished with their climaxes, Guilmon gently removed his manhood from Renamon’s pussy, before he repositioned himself, resting on his back, as Renamon rested on his chest and stared at him lovingly, before he kissed her again, which she gladly returned.

But that was not enough for Renamon as she desired more.

Renamon then rolled herself so she was on top of Guilmon, staring deeply into his yellow eyes as he stared into her beautiful blue ones, before he and she kissed again, while Renamon lowered herself on Guilmon dick, moaning out in pleasure from feeling his cock enter her womanhood.

And soon, moans and groans of pleasure emmited from the cave as the pair continued mating for hours on end.

The End.
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
Chapter 8: Love in the Pokemon World.

Warning: This chapter involves Lemons between various Pokemon couples.

----With Cyndaquil and Skitty: Upcoming Lemons----

Cyndaquil was alone with Skitty, locked in a loving kiss on the beautiful beach of Poképark, tasting each other’s mouths and saliva, showing their love for the other.

After breaking from the kiss Skitty got a mischievous look in her eyes, which intruiged Cyndaquil as to what she had in mind, but before he could ask, Skitty then pounced forward, knocking Cyndaquil on his back as she crawled on top of him until they were face to face again.

Cyndaqil then groaned out as he felt Skitty’s tail wrap around his manhood, before it began to stoke it, giving him a great tailjob as Skitty started to kiss around Cyndaquil’s neck.

But after a few minutes, Cyndaquil was unable to contain himself and groaned out loudly as he came.

Skitty then brought her tail up to her face and began licking the cum that had spurt upon it, surprising Cyndaquil, before she told him. “Oh, Cyndaquil, you taste so sweet.”

A smile then appeared on Cyndail’s face as he then rolled himself and Skitty over so he was on top of her and then said. “Well since you had a taste, I think it’s only fair.”

Cyndaquil then lowered his head down to Skitty’s pussy, which was starting to get wet, in which he started to lash at it, filling Skitty with pleasure, before she moaned out. “Cyndaquil, that’s... Ah... That’s amazing... Feels so good...!”

But soon, just like Cyndaquil, Skitty was unable to contain herself and released her sexual fluids into Cyndaquil’s moth, which he swallowed.

“You taste sweet too.” Cyndaquil told Skitty as he brought his head back up to her face, before kissing her again, she could taste herself on his lips but she didn’t care.

And after the pair broke from the kiss, Skitty the tip of Cyndaquil’s member rubbing against her womanhood, as Cyndaquil looked deeply into Skitty’s eyes, as if asking if she wanted to continue, in which Skitty smiled and nodded her head, before Cyndaquil pushed his cock into her vagina, making them both moan out from the pleasure.

“Oh, Cynda... Cyndaquil, you are so deep... Feels amazing...!” Skitty moaned out in pleasure.

“Don’t sell yourself short... Ah... Skitty... You’re doing great... Ah... Too...!” Cyndaquil groaned out in reply.

The waves of the beach matching their mating as Cyndaquil continued to go back and forth inside of her, before Cyndaquil then pulled out of Skitty completely, confusing and upsetting her a little, until she was repositioned on all fours and Cyndaquil continued mating with her.

“Skitty, I think... Ah... I think I’m gonna cum soon..!” Cyndaquil groaned out.

“Me too, Cyndaquil... Ah... cum inside me...!” Skitty moaned out in reply.

The pair continued mating for as long as they could, their movements turning frantic, until Cyndaquil was unable to contain himself and groaned out in pleasure as he came, filling Skitty’s womb with his seed, which caused Skitty to have her orgasm as she released her sexual fluids.

The pair stayed in their position for a few minutes, getting their energy back, before Cyndaquil then pull out of Skitty and fell beside her, in which she nuzzled her cheek against his in a show of love and affection, which he gladly returned to his mate.

----Meanwhile, in the forest with Sceptile and Snivy----

Snivy had asked Sceptile to follow her to a cave, which nobody knew about except her, which made Sceptile wonder what was going on in Snivy’s mind and what was in the cave.

However, Snivy then told Sceptile. “Scptile, please wiat out here for a moment. There’s something I need to do.”

Sceptile nodded in reply, which made Snivy smile before she went inside.

As Sceptile waited, he wondered what it was that she went to do, however, his thoughts were interrupted when a flash came out of the cave, causing him to shield his eyes.

And when the flash died down, Sceptile heard some footsteps, and ehen he looked up he was surprised to see the beauty before him.

"Snivy?" Sceptile asked.

"It's Servine now" Replied the now evolved Snivy standing before him.

She was almost as tall as Sceptile, and now her breats ere visable and much larger than before.

"I thought it would be nice if I aged a bit then having a child as a lover." Servine explained, a little ashamed of herself that she had to rely on Evolution to get a mate.

But then Sceptile placed his left hand on her shoulder and told her in an honest and heartfelt tone. "Snivy, Servine, it dosen't matter to me what form you take. It's your inner beauty that counts and that is why I love you."

"Oh, Sceptile..." Servine said breathlessly, before she leaned forward and kissed Sceptile lovingly, which he gladly returned.

As the pair continued to kiss, Sceptile gently pulled himself and Servine down onto their sides, before he got on top of her and strated to trace his fingers around her nipples, causing Servine to moan within Sceptile’s mouth.

After beaking from the kiss, Servine’s moaning heightened as Sceptile’s hands continued to pleasure her breasts, while he began to kiss and lick around her neck and collarbone, before hisright hand moved away from her chest and then trailed down her body until he had reached her now exposed pussy, which was quite wet, before he inserted his index and middle fingers inside her, causing her to moan out in pleasure.

“Ah, Sceptile, that’s it... So... Ah... So good...!” Servine moaned out as Sceptile continued to finger her pussy, thrusting them in and out of her for as long as possible.

Feeling she was close, Servine warned Sceptile, only for him to smile, break away from kissing her and then said. “Servine, I want you to come on my hand.”

But before she could reply, Sceptile pushed his fingers in her once more, causing her to cry out in pleasure as she came, her sexual fluids covering Sceptiles fingers, which made him smile, knowing his mate was satisfied.

And wanting Sceptile to feel the same joys and pleasure he had given her, Servine then threw herself forward, causing Sceptile to fall onto his back as Servine got on top of him and then impaled herself on his manhood, making Sceptile's cock go deep into her vagina.

Servine then started to jump up and down as Sceptile placed his hands on her hips to help guild her down as she continued to impale herself on Sceptile’s member.

"Yes, Sceptile... Oh, yes... It's wonderful... You are so deep inside me... Ah...!" Servine moaned out in pleasure, in which Sceptile groaned out in reply. "Don't sell yourself short... Ah... Servine... You are great... Ah...!"

As Sceptile and Servine continued to mate, with every thrust Servine's breasts bounced up and down greatly, before Sceptile then placed his hands on her breasts and fondled them as best he could while pinching her nipples, making her moan in pleasure.

Soon after, Sceptile stopped and groaned out in pleasure from the tight feeling of Servine's vagina putting on his cock, in which they soon started to move and breath frantically as their climaxes drew closer.

"Servine... Ah... I'm not sure I can contain myself... Any... Ah... Any longer...!"
Sceptile groaned out.

"Me... Ah... me too... I can't hold it in... Ah… I'm going to come...!" Servine moaned out in reply.

After trying to last as long as possible, both were soon unable to take anymore, and then came at the same time, Sceptile releasing his seed into Servine’s womb, while Servine came all over Sceptile's manhood as she collapsed into his chest.

The two of them remained in their position for several minutes as they tried to catch their breaths.

"Oh Sceptile, that was amazing." Servine said in a loving tone, causing Sceptile to smile and reply. 
"So were you, my love."

----Around the same time at the sky pavillion----

Floating in the air were Celebi and Mew, who were kissing each other lovingly, breaking for air every now and again as Celebi’s cock emerged from its protective sheath, while Mew’s nipples hardened, her pussy got wet, in which their arousal and desire for the other increased at the sight of each other naked.

Celebi then laid on down in the sky, before he made a motion for Mew to come to him, which she obeyed, in which Mew then kissed around his neck, down his body until she reached his fully erect manhood.

“Oh, Celebi you are so big.” Mew told Celebi in a loving and seductive tone as she then took as much of Celebi’s member into her mouth and started giving him a blowjob, making Celebi groan in pleasure. “Ah... Mew you are so good at this... Ah, yeah...!”

As Mew continued her loving action, glad to know her blowjob was pleasing her mate, she mentally smiled, but after several minutes, Celebi was unable to hold back and groaned out loudly as he came, filling her mouth with his seed.

“Oh, Celebi you came so much and you are still so hard.” Mew commented lovingly as she gently traced her index finger around the tip of Celebi’s still erect dick, before licking his cum off her finger.

Mew then positioned herself above Celebi, her pussy hovering over his manhood, in which Celebi smiled as he then thrust forward, his cock going deep inside Mew’s vagina,
causing her to moan out in pleasure as Celebi continued thrusting in and out of her.

“Ah... Oh, Celebi... I can feel you... You are so... Ah... So deep inside me... It feels incredible...!” Mew moaned out in pleasure as she continued jumping up and down on his manhood, before she placed her hands on her breasts and started to massage and fondle them.

Soon after, Celebi felt his animalistic instincts take over as he grabbed Mew’s hips and flipped them over so he was on top of her, in which Mew wrapped her arms around Celebi’s shoulders and her legs around his waist in response as he continued to mate with her.

The pair continued mating for another hour, trying to make it last as long as possible, however, the two of them started moving around frantically as their climaxes were coming ever so closer, in which Mew moaned out in pleasure. “Celebi, I... Ah... I can't hold it in much longer... Ah... I'm going to come...!”

“Me, too, Mew... Ah... I’m going to cum too...!” Celebi groaned out in reply, before he soon let out a loud groan as he had his release, filling Mew with his seed, which triggered her climax as she then released her sexual fluids all over her Celebi’s manhood.

“Oh, Celebi, you were amazing.” Mew said blissfully as she repositioned herself so she was resting on her mate’s chest.

“Thank you, Mew. And you were great too.” Celebi replied, before saying.“I love you, Mew.”

Hearing those words warmed her heart as she then kissed Celebi lovingly, before replying as she broke from the kiss. “And I love you too.

----Meanwhile, In the Lava Zone----

After leaving for some time to be together, Charizard and Blaziken had arrived at the volcanic region of Poképark, Charizard lead on a rock like bed as Blaziken walked up to him in a sexy way, swaying her hips and buttocks towards him.

"Even if you are a hothead sometimes, I still cannot help falling in love with you." Blaziken said as she spun around showing her butt.

"Then how about you come over here and get some?" Charizard grinned.

Blaziken grinned sexiually and engaged him in a loving kiss, which he was more than glad to return.

After breaking from the kiss, Blaziken smiled as an idea came to mind that would really please Charizard, in which she then gently pushed Charizard down onto his back, before she climbed on top of him and began to kiss around his neck, rewarded with the sounds of Charizard groaning in pleasure.

Blaziken then started kissing down Charizard’s chest, before she reached Charizard erect manhood.

And before he could say a single word, Blaziken started licking around the tip of Charizard’s cock, before taking as much of his dick into her mouth as she could and began to give him a loving blowjob.

“Ah... Blaziken, that's so... Ah... So good...!” Charizard groaned out in pleasure as Blaziken continued to suck and deep throat Charizard's manhood until she managed to get all of it into her mouth, glad to know she was pleasing her love.

However, within a few minutes, Blaziken could feel Charizard's member quiver in her mouth in which Blaziken sucked Charizard's cock as hard as she could, causing him to groan out loudly as he released his load into her mouth.

With lust, Blaziken swallowed all of Charizard's cum, enjoying the taste, in which he then told Blaziken. “That was incredible.”

“I’m glad you liked it.” Blaziken replied happily, before she turned around and got onto all fours and moaned out. “Oh, Charizard, spank me!”

Charizard did so, slapping her butt over and over with his tail, enjoying it and the sensation of him dominating her as Blaziken moaned out in pleasure.

After all the spanking, Charizard then grabbed Blaziken’s hips and inserted his manhood into Blaziken's womanhood, causing Blaziken to loudly moan out pleasure from the pleasurable sensation of Charizard's cock inside of her. “Oh, Charizard... Ah... It’s so big... Feels so good inside me...!”

“I... I'm glad that you feel good, Blaziken... Ah... This feels great...!” Charizard groaned back in reply as he moved his hands to her chest and began to massage and fondle her breasts, causing her to moan out as Charizard continued, to mate with her.

However, after an hour, both Fire-types started moving around frantically as they were reaching their climaxes, causing Charizard to groan out.  “I... I can't hold it... I... Ah... I'm going to come...!”

“Yes, Charizard, yes... I'm... Ah... I’m coming too... Ah...!” Blaziken moaned in reply.

Charizard and Blaziken continued mating for as long as they could, however, Charizard was soon unable to contain himself, in which he and Blaziken groaned and moaned out loudly as they soon had their orgasms, with Charizard filling her with his cum, while Blaziken came all over Charizard’s manhood.

With their orgasms over, Charizard pulled out of Blaziken, their combined sexual fluids staining the ground, as he then laid on his chest while Blaziken collapsed onto Charizard’s chest.

“Wow. That was great.” Charizard said, in which Blaziken smiled and replied lovingly. “Got that right.”

With that said, the pair engaged in another loving kiss as Charizard wrapped his wings around Blaziken, pulling her closer to his chest, before they broke for air after a few minutes and he and she soon fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

----Lastly, in Pikachu's home----

As Lucario had her arms wrapped around Pikachu, holding him up as his body was pressing against hers', careful to avoid her chest spike, the pair looked lovingly into the other's eyes, before Pikachu moved his head forward and kissed Lucario passionately on the lips, which she happily returned.

As the pair continued to kiss one another, Pikachu's feet started to rub up and down Lucario's chest and started to lightly trace her breasts, causing her to break from the kiss and let out a small gasp of pleasure from the sudden actions of Pikachu before she began to enjoy it.

"Oh, Pikachu... Ah... That feels so good... Ah...!" Lucario moaned out, before Pikachu told her as he ceased his actions and focused on her. "Well it's about to get a lot better."

And Pikachu was right, as he then moved his head down to her right nipple and started to gently lick around it, while his right paw began to fondle her left breast, making Lucario moan out again.

As Pikachu's continued to squeeze and grope her breast, he placed his mouth over her right nipple and started to suck and gently bite it, while his tail moved in between her legs and began to rub her pussy lips, heightening her pleasure, as well as his could feel, his cock getting more erect as it emerged from its protective sheath and began to poke Lucario in her stomach.

But after several more minutes of pleasure, Lucario was unable to contain herself and cried out loudly as she came, her sexual fluids coating Pikachu's tail and the floor.

"How was that?" Pikachu asked, in which Lucario smiled warmly at him and replied. "That was wonderful."

"Now it's your turn." Lucario then whispered alluringly into Pikachu's right ear, before she gently placed Pikachu on his back and began to kiss and lick around his neck and collarbone.

As Lucario continued to kiss him, Pikachu could feel her paws slowly trace up his arms, before she suddenly applied As Lucario continued to kiss him, Pikachu could feel her paws slowly trace up his arms, before she suddenly applied pressure and held him down, confusing Pikachu as Lucario broke from her kissing and smiled slyly at him, before her eyes looked down, staring lustfully at his erect member, in which Lucario then moved her head down and started to lick around it.

With her tongue continuing to trace around his dick, Pikachu wanted more, but due to her holding him down, he was denied the further pleasures Lucario could give him as she continued to tease him out of his mind.

But then, deciding she had enough fun, Lucario released her grip on Pikachu's arms, gave the tip of Pikachu's member a quick kiss, before taking all of Pikachu's cock into her mouth, causing him to groan out in pleasure.

Lucario mentally smiled from hearing the sounds of Pikachu's pleasure, her tongue swirling around his shaft as he was unable to control himself, in which he grabbed both sides of her head and forced more of his cock into her mouth, which she was more than happy to take as she continued to give her beloved the best blowjob she could.

But after some time had passed, Pikachu released his hold off Lucario’s head and groaned out loudly as he came, filling Lucario’s mouth with his cum, which surprised Lucario at how much he came, but swallowed it all never the less.

After removing Pikachu’s manhood from her mouth, Lucario could see it was still fully erect, which increased her arousal, in which Lucario then turned around, got on all fours and slapped her butt, enticing Pikachu as he grabbed onto her hips and pushed his cock up her ass, causing Lucario to loudly moan out pleasure from the pleasure of feeling Pikachu's cock inside her.

Pikachu then started to thrust his cock in and out of Lucario's ass at a fast and steady pace, causing Lucario to moan out in pleasure. “Yes... Ah... Pikachu, it feels... Feels so good... Keep going... Ah...!”
“I... I know what you mean... Ah... This feels great...!” Pikachu groaned back in reply as he continued to pound his cock in and out of Lucario.

After an hour, both of them began to move frantically as their climaxes started to come closer and closer, in which pikachu groaned out. “I can't... Ah... I can’t hold it any longer... I'm going to come...!”

Pikachu tried to contain himself for as long as he could, but it was then he groaned out loudly as he came, filling Lucario’s ass with his cum, which caused Lucario to throw back her head and howl out Pikachu’s name as she had her orgasm.

After which, Lucario collapsed onto her stomach while Pikachu collapsed on top of her, his manhood still inside her butt hole, which she could feel was still hard, before she felt him pull out of her as he suddenly flipped her on back and inserted his manhood into her pussy.

The sudden action of Pikachu’s manhood invading her vagina made Lucario moan out making her moan out as Pikachu continued to pump his cock in and out of her, before she felt she had enough energy to keep going and mate with the pokémon she loved, in which Lucario grabbed onto his hips and flipped them over, so she was on top and impaling herself on his manhood.

“Lucario... This is great... Ah... Your pussy is so tight... Like your ass... Ah...!” Pikachu groaned out as Lucario continued to bounce up and down on Pikachu’s manhood.

Lucario too could feel great amounts of pleasure as she and Pikachu continued as she placed her paws on her breasts and began to fondle them while Pikachu held onto her hips to help guide her up and down.

But eventually, their movements turned frantic as they both could feel they were close to their climaxes.

And as they cried out their mate’s name in pure ecstasy, they both came at the same time, Lucario releasing her sexual fluids as Pikachu filled Lucario with his seed, followed by Lucario rolling herself and Pikachu back to their orignal positions, with him back on top of her, snuggling up on her breasts around her chest spike.

“I love you, Pikachu.” Lucario said in a heartfelt tone.

“And I love you, Lucario.” Pikachu replied, his tone matching the love Lucario held for him, before he and she shared another loving kiss.

----End Lemons----


Dallas Williams
I'm 23 years old.
I'm a video game and Anime fan.

Favourite Animes:
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Favoruite Duels: Joey vs Orichalcos Rex, Joey vs Bandit Keith, Joey vs Bonz, Seto vs Lector, Vs Paradox bros, Yugi vs Pegasus, Yugi vs Seeker, Yugi vs Arcana , Yugi vs Strings, Kaiba vs Nesbit, Bakura vs Bonz, I also like GX, 5D's and Zexal (Most notably: Yuma Vs Fortuno, Bronk Vs Dark Mist, Yuma and Girag Vs Tori and Cathy and Dark Zexal Yuma Vs Vector)
Pairings: YugixTea

Digimon (Favourite Digimon Diaboromon, Duskmon, SkullGreymon, Machinedramon, BlackWarGreymon, Puppetmon, Apocalymon, Mummymon, Myotismon, Devimon, Millenniummon, Impmon, Beelzemon, Calumon, IceDevimon, Mercurymon, Shoutmon and many others)
Pairings: TaixSora

Bleach (Favourite Moments Ichigo vs Shrieker, Hollow Ichigo vs Byukuya and Pesche moments)

Naruto (Favourite moments Kankuro vs Tsuruki, Curse seal Sasuke breaking Zaku's arms, Naruto four tails mode vs Orochimaru and Sasuke Vs Deidara)
Pairings: NarutoxHinata

Favourite TV shows: Simpsons, Futurama, American Dad, Spliced, Fraiser, Blackadder, Happy Tree Friends, Thank God You're Here, Family Guy, M.A.S.H, Get smart, That 70's show, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Just shoot me, Total Drama, Drawn Together, Big Bang Theory, Scrubs, Robot Chicken, My Name Is Earl, League Of Super Evil, Metalocalypse and so many more.

Favourite game characters: Crash Bandicoot, Dingodile, Tiny, N.Gin, Cortex, Spyro, Toasty, Dr. Shemp, Wario, Waluigi, Dry bones, Croc, Baron Dante, Rayman, Razorbeard, Foutch, Ratchet, Clank, Ike, Black Knight, Ranulf, Sothe, Nemesis, Wesker, Leon, Mendez, Verdugo, Samus, Ridley, Jak, Daxter, Sig, Basch, Vaan, gilgamesh, Belias, Zeromus, Cuchulainn, Zelera, Zodiark and so many more

Favourite game musics: Crash 2: N.Gin, Cortex, Sewers, Tiny
Crash 3: Future death route, Dingodile, N.Tropy, N.Gin, Cortex
Croc: Baron Dante boss, Neptuna, Mine kart, Cactus Jack
Metroid: Ridley, Hive Mecha, Gandrayda, Bryyo, Berserker lord
CapsuleMonsters: Tomb Of Ancient Kings, Corridors Of Madness, City Of Redemption, Treasure Trove
Rayman: Vs Mr Skops, Vs Axel/Foutch, Vs Razorbeard
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake eater theme, the Fury, vs Shagohod
FFXII: Epser boss, Esper summoned, Vs Dr. Sid, Vs Gilgamesh
YuGiOh: Nesbit theme, Lector theme, Red Eyes Black Dragon theme, Toon World theme
Ratchet and Clank: Daxx Weapons Facility, HoloStar Studios, Courtny Gears Song, Viceron

And Many, many more, so many memories.

Current Residence: Australia
deviantWEAR sizing preference: ?
Print preference: ?
Favourite genre of music: Video Game (I know that's weird but I don't care)
Favourite style of art: Manga + anime, My own
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Spikey blue ones (MK Wii)
Favourite cartoon character: Naruto,Kankuro,Naruko,Dosu,Tobi,Rex,Weevil,Bandit Keith,Duke,Paradox bros,Ichigo,Renji,Hollow Ichigo
It's done.
The lump has been removed, and other than my left arm acting up a little and 5 needles jabbed into my neck, I feel good.
Thanks to all those who shared their encouragement through this.
  • Mood: Relief
  • Watching: Regular Show
  • Playing: Zelda: Hyrule Warriors, Smash bros 3 and Pokemon Y
  • Drinking: A cup of tea, with chocolate Sustagen mixed in it

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